6 Easy Ways You Can Save Money at Chick-fil-A

6 Easy Ways You Can Save Money at Chick-fil-A
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The nation’s favorite fast-food restaurant isn’t nestled under golden arches and it has never urged you to think outside the bun.

For four years in a row now, diners have named Chick-fil-A as the best fast-food chain in America, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

It’s no wonder the chicken-centric restaurant is winning over American hearts and stomachs. All the menu items are truly delicious, from the nuggets and sandwiches to the waffle fries and lemonade.

If you are among the legions of Chick-fil-A fans, you might be interested in saving a buck or two on your next visit. Following are six ways you can trim your bill when visiting Chick-fil-A.

1. Purchase the Cow Calendar

Chick-fil-A in New York
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Each year, Chick-fil-A offers patrons a Cow Calendar that includes a card you can use to redeem “free treats” throughout the year.

August’s freebie is any size waffle fries or hash browns as well as any size fountain drink or bottled water. Other upcoming 2018 offers include “mystery offers” in September, October and November, and an original or spicy chicken sandwich in December.

The catch to all of this is that you will have to pay a few dollars to score your freebies. This year’s calendar cost $8. But if you regularly buy meals at Chick-fil-A, you can make that up pretty quickly.

If you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled for the 2019 calendar offer, likely to be unveiled in November.

2. Get discounted gift cards

Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan / Shutterstock.com

One great way to save on every meal at Chick-fil-A is to purchase discounted gift cards for use at the restaurant. These are cards that you can buy for less than their face value from online gift card marketplaces like Cardpool.com and Raise.com. So, if you buy a meal with a gift card that you purchased for 10 percent off, you will effectively save an extra 10 percent on that meal.

The comparison website Gift Card Granny will tell you which gift card marketplace is selling a particular retailer’s or restaurant’s gift card at the best discount at any given time. So, always visit Gift Card Granny before buying a discounted gift card.

We recently saw Chick-fil-A gift cards on Gift Card Granny for as much as 8 percent off.

3. Join Chick-fil-A One

ilikestudio / Shutterstock.com

Join Chick-fil-A’s free loyalty program, Chick-fil-A One, and you’ll be able to earn points with every purchase.

You can redeem points for rewards, and Chick-fil-A One members also receive a birthday reward. The fast-food chain explains:

“Rewards can include food items you wish to redeem using your available points as well as other surprise rewards like those sent by a local Chick-fil-A restaurant.”

You can sign up for the program online or through Chick-fil-A’s app.

4. Dress up for Cow Appreciation Day

Boy dressed as cow
Ivonne Wierink / Shutterstock

For 14 years, Chick-fil-A has offered free food to customers who visit the store on Cow Appreciation Day. However, there is a catch: To get your free meal, you will have to come to the restaurant clad as a bovine.

The event is scheduled for July, so you’ve already missed it for this year. But come July 2019, you better get moo-ving!

5. Put down your cellphone — and nab a free treat

Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock.com

Brad Williams was dismayed to see so many groups of people gathered to share a meal, yet distracted by their cellphones. So, the Chick-fil-A franchise owner in Suwanee, Georgia, decided to do something about it.

Williams hatched the “Cell Phone Coop” at his restaurant. Here is how it works:

“The restaurant places a small, square box, (a.k.a. the Coop) on each table, with a simple challenge: Enjoy a meal without the distraction of cellphones and receive a free Chick-fil-A Icedream. Guests complete the challenge successfully only if cellphones remain in the Coop untouched for their entire meal.”

A few hundred Chick-fil-A locations across the country followed suit. So, check with your local restaurant to see if you can “unplug” and get a free treat. Like all of the chicken giant’s menu items, the Icedream is totally tasty.

6. Just say no to the toy, and get a free cone

Ice cream
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Rumor has it that your kids can get a free ice cream cone if they are willing to forgo the toy that comes with Chick-fil-A kids meals. Jaime at the Bloom Where He Plants You blog has the scoop:

“CFA kid’s meals come with a small toy or book. If your kiddo is not interested in keeping the toy or book, simply bring it up to the cashier and you can swap it for a free ice cream cone! I love this option as it reduces all that random car clutter and the books are mainly easy readers.”

Again, we are unsure whether this deal is available in all regions, but there’s only one way to find out — call your local Chick-fil-A.

For more tips to save money the next time you eat out, check out “12 Ways to Slice Your Next Restaurant Check in Half.”

Do you know of other great ways to save at Chick-fil-A? Share them by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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