6 Ways to Avoid Paying Full Price at Barnes & Noble

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In an age of digital media, bookstores might appear to be headed for the same fate as the dodo. But millions of us still love to browse for actual books. After all, it’s tough to shake the addictive pleasure of using our fingertips to turn real, crisp, paper-and-ink pages.

If you’re a book lover, Barnes & Noble probably holds a special place in your heart. And the nationwide bookseller offers several ways to trim the expense of your favorite books and other merchandise.

Following are six ways to cut the cost of purchases at Barnes & Noble.

Become a Barnes & Noble member

Pay $25 annually to become a member of Barnes & Noble, and in about a week, you’ll get an email with $50 in coupons.

You’ll also receive 40 percent off hardcover bestsellers and 10 percent off almost everything else every time you shop in the store. Membership also means free express shipping — with no minimum — and access to special savings throughout the year.

Check out the sale page on the Barnes & Noble website

Stop by the Barnes & Noble website and check out the Sale webpage for the latest bargains.

When we last checked, a hardcover copy of the beloved Jane Austen classic “Pride and Prejudice” was available for just $5 — a 50 percent savings.

Sign up for the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club

When you register for the Barnes & Noble Kids’ Club, you’re entitled to purchase one book or toy for your child at 30 percent off the list price. You’ll also score a $5 reward for every $100 you spend on kids’ merchandise, with a limit of four rewards annually.

And your kiddo will really love this one: a free cupcake from the Barnes & Noble cafe on his or her birthday!

Open a Barnes & Noble credit card account

Open up a Barnes & Noble-branded MasterCard, and you will earn 5 percent back on every purchase you make at the retailer. The reward is delivered on your credit, and applies to downloads you purchase for the Nook reader, too.

After your first purchase, you’ll get a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. You’ll also earn two points for every dollar spent at a restaurant, and one point for every dollar spent elsewhere. Accumulate 2,500 points and cash them in for a $25 gift card.

After spending $7,500, you’ll also receive a free year of Barnes & Noble membership.

Remember, it typically only makes sense to open a credit card account like this if you pay off the balance each month. Carrying a balance will rack up fees that quickly wipe out any savings the card offers.

Buy discounted Barnes & Noble gift cards

You can cut your costs further by purchasing Barnes & Noble gift cards at online discount gift card sites, such as Raise and Cardpool.

Recently, Raise was offering Barnes & Noble gift cards at up to a 6.8 percent discount. Cardpool was offering the retailer’s cards at a whopping 11 percent off.

Shop through a cash-back site

When you shop through a cash-back website, you’ll earn money back on your purchase. For example, Ebates recently offered shoppers 3 percent back on purchases at Barnes & Noble. All you have to do is sign up at the site, type in a search for “Barnes & Noble,” click the link and begin shopping.

Other sites that offer similar services include:

Do you know of other great tips for saving at Barnes & Noble? Share them by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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