15 Best Cities to Own a Vacation Rental
15 Best Cities to Own a Vacation Rental

on September 8, 2022

Before picking a place to start your own Airbnb location, it’s important to consider the overhead costs like property taxes and utlities.

Woman with dog
15 Best Dog Park Cities in 2022

on September 6, 2022

Climate and access to the outdoors can make a big difference for both you and your pet.

Person on cellphone near neon lights
Top 15 Cities for Hipsters in 2022

on September 2, 2022

With plenty of record and thrift stores to go around, these cities are perfect for the modern nonconformist.

Couple at a wedding
2022’s Best Cities to Get and Stay Married

on September 1, 2022

These are the places where people get together and stay together.

Los Angeles smoky skyline
The 15 Dirtiest Cities in America

on July 22, 2022

Based on metrics ranging from air quality to the number of junkyards, these cities are the filthiest.

The 15 Best Cities in America for Hiking
The 15 Best Cities in America for Hiking

on July 4, 2022

These places rank well for their trails, weather, camping sites and more.

Couple shopping sales online
2022’s Most LGBTQ-Friendly Cities

on June 24, 2022

Everyone should feel at home in their community, and these cities are the most accepting.

Senior couple riding bikes
America’s 15 Best Cities for Biking in 2022

on June 10, 2022

These places have the best combination of bike access, safety and events — plus good weather.

The 15 Most Sustainable Cities in 2022

on April 21, 2022

People in these cities are making green choices when it comes to buildings, commuting, renewable energy and a lot more.

Mother and daughter gardening
15 Best Cities for Urban Gardening

on April 21, 2022

These places have the best access to gardening supplies, a bountiful climate and a growing gardening community.

Free samples of cheese
The 15 Best Cities for Cheese Lovers

on January 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered where you can get the best cheese and who loves celebrating cheese the most? You might be surprised.

Seattle runner dog walker
The Best Cities for Dog Lovers in 2022

on January 20, 2022

Which cities appreciate man’s best friend the most? Based on everything from walk score to dog-friendly trails, these do.

Woman Christmas shopping
The 10 Most Festive Cities in 2021

on December 17, 2021

These cities are most capable of bringing holiday cheer, according to metrics ranging from average snowfall to the number of holiday festivals.

Rural road amid cornfields
The Best States for Living off the Grid in 2022

on December 14, 2021

These states are the most practical and affordable places for those who want to live remotely and sustainably.

Woman and charity
The 15 Most Generous Cities in America

on December 2, 2021

These cities are big on philanthropy, according to more than a dozen metrics.

Happy couple with groceries at home
2022’s States That Waste the Most Food

on November 26, 2021

These are the states where people waste the most food, donate the least and have the fewest food banks.

Senior in a rural location
2021’s Best States to Start a Farm or Ranch

on October 18, 2021

Based on dozens of metrics, these are the best places for folks who want to bet on a farm.

Happy fall woman
2021’s Best States to Visit This Fall

on September 24, 2021

These are the best autumn destinations, based on fall scenery, hiking trails, pumpkin patches, wineries, and much more.

Family on summer vacation
The 20 Best Cities for Your Summer ‘Vaxcation’

on June 24, 2021

Haven’t picked out a destination for your first post-vaccine vacation? Consider one of these places.

18 Best Cities to Own an Electric Car
18 Best Cities to Own an Electric Car

on April 28, 2021

These cities are the best equipped for people who want to ditch their gas guzzlers.

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