happy couple traveling
5 Reasons Why Living in This European Gem Makes Sense

on April 4, 2024

Discover the Mediterranean island that deserves a spot on your overseas radar.

Woman investing from her desk at home
This Foreign Investment Is Great for Taxes

on March 28, 2024

Could this be the ultimate strategy for building and storing wealth?

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6 Ways to Protect and Grow Your Wealth

on February 29, 2024

How and where you invest can lead to long-term financial security.

A woman looks over paperwork for her investments
My Risky First Overseas Real Estate Investment — and How To Protect Yourself

on January 16, 2024

Follow these guidelines to find investments within your risk threshold.

woman stretching in nature to start training, body exercise or hiking workout in Portugal.
5 Great Reasons To Retire to Portugal

on January 8, 2024

There are so many reasons to love this European country — here are just a few.

Excited happy woman traveler in an airport holding a passport for international trip
Benefits of Holding a Second Passport

on July 19, 2023

Find out how this can save you time and money, plus how you may already qualify for a second passport.

Homebuyer couple talking to realtor
The 2 Rules to Minimize Risk When Buying Real Estate

on June 12, 2023

Use these guidelines to set your personal risk-taking thresholds.

Woman in an art gallery
Top Alternative Investments for Diversifying Your Portfolio

on May 24, 2023

See the “alternative investments” worth looking into right now to help you diversify.

retired couple in Europe
3 Tax Advantages Available to Americans Overseas

on April 10, 2023

Here are tax advantages for overseas American that could mean owing less to Uncle Sam — and a key lesson for citizens living abroad.

Confused man holding a calculator
5 Myths About Paying Taxes While Living Overseas

on April 7, 2023

Here’s what you must know about filing with the IRS when living abroad.

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