Melissa Neiman

I began my writing career more than 20 years ago, and have written for Money Talks News since 2015. My work has appeared on MSN, CBS Moneywatch, Yahoo Finance and Bankrate, among others.

Mother and son in a blanket fort
6 Ways to Stay Warm Without Turning on the Heat

on January 5, 2021

Here are some low-tech ways to ward off the cold — and save a little cash.

Woman shopping
11 Retailers That Give You Rewards on Every Purchase

on December 23, 2020

Join these free loyalty programs, and you will get big rewards back on your purchases.

Amazon gift card
8 Ways to Get Amazon Gift Cards for Free

on December 22, 2020

Yes, you can get Amazon gift cards without paying a dime for them.

Woman with Christmas stocking.
19 Stocking Stuffers Under $10

on December 14, 2020

These fun ideas for men, women and children make for the perfect gifts — and you can find them all on Amazon.

Packages delivered to a front door
8 Ways to Land Free Shipping for Online Purchases

on December 10, 2020

Pesky shipping fees remain a major drawback to shopping online — but you can easily avoid them.

Light therapy
8 Products to Help You Survive Winter

on November 23, 2020

Winter is coming, and these Amazon finds can help you hang in there until the spring flowers begin to bloom.

7 Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner
7 Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Dinner

on November 12, 2020

Entertain friends and family in great style while keeping your wallet intact.

Woman with toothpaste
16 Products That Solve Everyday Annoyances

on November 10, 2020

These items put an end to the daily irritations that bug you the most.

5 Overlooked Ways to Save Money in November
5 Overlooked Ways to Save Money in November

on October 31, 2020

Here’s how to make the most of a surprisingly great month for savings.

Woman holding a potato chip
16 Affordable Products That Could Save Your Life

on October 29, 2020

You’ll want to order these sometimes surprising products from Amazon ASAP.

Mother and daughter cooking in the kitchen
15 Products You Need — Even If You Didn’t Know It

on October 22, 2020

Discover some must-have products on Amazon that you didn’t even know you were missing.

Woman drinking coffee in her kitchen
9 Products That Will Organize Your Home for Under $45

on September 30, 2020

These clever Amazon finds can help transform a messy nest into the pristine home of your dreams.

Woman with open jar
12 Tech Gadgets That Make Daily Life Easier

on September 8, 2020

These products on Amazon will ease worries and simplify your routine.

Woman with dental floss
8 Things You Can Buy for $1 or Less on Amazon

on August 26, 2020

They say you get what you pay for — but not always. Sometimes, you can uncover a good deal at a great price.

Woman holding a spoon
19 Products That Breathe New Life Into Old Things

on August 11, 2020

You don’t have to replace everything you own at the first sign of wear and tear. Here are innovative products that prolong the life of your belongings.

First-aid kit
10 Items Every First-Aid Kit Should Have

on June 20, 2020

Take control of your health and safety by customizing your own first-aid kit with these Amazon purchases.

The 8 Best Ways to Save at Crate & Barrel
The 8 Best Ways to Save at Crate & Barrel

on May 13, 2020

This is one of America’s favorite places to get home furnishings. Here is how to cut your costs.

Mom and daughter baking
9 Products to Keep You Entertained During the Lockdown

on May 2, 2020

Some of these picks from Amazon are so entertaining, you may forget there’s a quarantine.

Gift cards
7 Money-Saving Gift Card Tricks You Should Know

on April 22, 2020

If you ever buy or use gift cards — or even if you buy anything that you could pay for with a gift card — mind these tips.

Relaxed woman
8 Products to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

on April 18, 2020

Current events have you feeling anxious? These Amazon products can take the edge off.

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