Gillian Manning

I previously worked as assistant editor at the personal finance site I've written for regional daily newspapers and trade publications -- some specializing in personal finance, diversity issues, and education. I enjoy volunteering for fundraisers and other projects with the Society of Professional Journalists. In my free time, I untangle yarn and crochet.

Graduate with cash
10 College Majors With the Worst Employment Rates — and 10 With the Best

and on March 14, 2024

Your degree isn’t a guarantee of lifelong employment, but certain fields do seem to improve your odds.

Money Talks News the Podcast
7 Vital Money Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

on March 9, 2024

Want to get richer? Retire sooner? Achieve your goals? To get the right answers, start by asking the right questions.

How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow
How to Deal When Family and Friends Ask to Borrow

on February 29, 2024

We’ve all been there: a friend or family member is asking for money. Here’s exactly how you should respond.

Money Talks News the Podcast
How to Harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Make Money in Stocks

on February 24, 2024

Artificial intelligence is going to change everything. Here’s what you need to know about using AI to make money.

Money Talks News the Podcast
FOMO, Fraud, and Financial Ruin: Lessons From the Crypto Craze

on February 15, 2024

The popular thing isn’t always the safest thing. Here’s what to watch out for.

thoughtful man looking computer
9 Words Every Taxpayer Needs to Know

and on February 13, 2024

Terms like “AGI” and “refundable credit” aren’t just jargon. They directly affect how much you owe Uncle Sam.

Money Talks News the Podcast
5 Things People Wish They’d Known Before They Retired

on February 10, 2024

Few opportunities to learn from the mistakes of others are as valuable as this.

A TSA agent inspects carry-on bag luggage
9 Things You Should Not Pack in a Carry-on Bag

on February 5, 2024

Some of these items are a waste of space, and others are begging for trouble with TSA.

5 Powerful Mental Tips to Accomplish Your Goals
5 Powerful Mental Tips to Accomplish Your Goals

on February 1, 2024

If you’ve ever had trouble creating financial goals and sticking to them, this podcast is for you.

Money Talks News the Podcast
How to Start Investing — No Matter How Much Money You Have

on January 27, 2024

The stock market has returned more than twice as much as other common investments. Here’s how to get started, whether you have $5 or $5 million.

Money Talks News: The Podcast cover art
How to Retire at Any Age Using Your Retirement Number

on January 18, 2024

Listen and accelerate your goals.

Money Talks News the Podcast
The Top 4 Investing Blunders and How to Avoid Them

on January 13, 2024

If you find yourself losing money in the market, listen to this podcast.

surprised senior with cash
7 of the Best Dividend Stocks to Help Fund Your Retirement

on January 13, 2024

These stocks and funds pay out dividends that can help create stable retirement income.

Stressed woman looking at her phone
11 Subscriptions You Might Want to Cancel Today

on January 5, 2024

Don’t waste your money on subscriptions you don’t need. Cancel these today.

How to Balance Taking Care of Your Long- and Short-Term Financial Goals
How to Balance Taking Care of Your Long- and Short-Term Financial Goals

on January 4, 2024

Learning to set achievable goals and balance them is key to both success and happiness.

Money Talks News the Podcast
Forecast 2024: Where Stocks, Rates and Housing Are Headed

on December 30, 2023

What’s going to happen to your money over the next 12 months? Here’s what we think.

coffee spilled on important documents
How To Replace 9 Essential Documents

on December 27, 2023

You’ll likely need physical copies of these documents — and here’s how to get them.

Frustrated man looking at bill
5 Costly Mistakes People Make When Paying Bills

on December 26, 2023

You can avoid pointlessly losing money in these common ways.

Woman putting money in piggy bank
Cut These 11 Expenses Now If You Hope to Retire Early

on December 22, 2023

Do you like the idea of financial independence? Part of the FIRE equation is cutting costs.

Stressed woman holding her head while working at a laptop
Heads-Up: 8 Tax Deadlines Are Almost Here

on December 21, 2023

This year, you might only have until Dec. 29 to make these IRS and state deadlines.

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