Happy senior couple
Can I Add a Survivor’s Benefit to My Social Security Check?

on December 23, 2021

The rules for survivor’s benefits can be confusing.

Happy senior woman with cash
Will I Qualify for the Maximum Ex-Spousal Social Security?

on October 21, 2021

Different rules for claiming apply, depending on the year you were born.

Older gay couple
When Can I Claim a Social Security Spousal Supplement?

on August 19, 2021

Making the wrong decision can prove costly.

Senior couple examining their finances
Will My Husband’s Income Hurt My Social Security Check?

on July 29, 2021

A reader wonders if the Social Security earnings test will help or hurt her benefits payment.

Pensive senior woman
Will Social Security Notify Me of My Ex-Spouse’s Death?

on June 10, 2021

There are different answers to this important question.

Senior man with no money
Did a Social Security Rep Give Me Bad Advice?

on June 3, 2021

A Social Security representative breaks some bad news. But is he telling the truth?

Happy senior couple
Can I Use ‘Restricted Application’ to Get More Social Security?

on May 13, 2021

A woman hopes to squeeze the most out of her spousal benefit.

Senior couple
Should I Worry About Taxes on Our Social Security Benefit?

on May 6, 2021

Other factors can impact the claiming decision.

Senior woman at home
Can a Homemaker Get Social Security Benefits?

on March 18, 2021

When is a homemaker eligible for Social Security — and how much will she get?

Happy senior couple
Can My Wife Get a Higher Social Security Benefit Even If I Apply Early?

on March 11, 2021

Can a woman who has never worked get the maximum spousal benefit if her husband files for benefits before his full retirement age?

Senior man gesturing stop to protect his money
How Much of My Social Security Can My Ex Take?

on February 18, 2021

A man wonders if his ex-wife will siphon away his Social Security benefit.

Senior man
Will Claiming Survivors Benefits Hurt My Social Security Later?

on January 14, 2021

A widower asks about the wisdom of claiming Social Security survivors benefits at age 60.

Senior mother and daughter
Am I Eligible for My Mother’s Social Security Benefit?

on December 17, 2020

Can an adult daughter tap into her late mother’s benefit?

Senior couple
Can I Take a Spousal Benefit Without Triggering My Own Social Security?

on December 3, 2020

A husband and wife want to get creative with how they claim Social Security retirement benefits. Can they do so?

Senior woman
Can a Twice-Divorced Woman Claim Social Security Survivors Benefits?

on November 12, 2020

Understanding survivors benefits rules is the key to getting the most from your benefit.

Senior couple
Does Being Married Less Than 10 Years Impact Social Security Benefits?

on November 5, 2020

Social Security rules can be confusing. A little inexpensive help can straighten things out.

Happy senior couple
Can We Claim Social Security Benefits Retroactively?

on September 3, 2020

A couple were unaware of their right to a bigger benefit. Can they ask for a do-over?

Seniors counting money
Will the ‘One-Half’ Rule Slash My Social Security Benefit?

on August 6, 2020

Your birthdate determines whether you can use a lucrative Social Security strategy.

Retired couple
Can My Wife Claim Social Security Spousal Benefits When I Retire?

on June 4, 2020

This week’s question underscores how asking for a little help can put more money in your pocket.

Senior man
Does It Really Matter When I Claim Social Security Benefits?

on May 21, 2020

Some people say it doesn’t matter at what age you decide to claim. They are wrong.

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