Can Magnets Really Heal You?

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There are those who swear by medical magnets, believing a magnetic field can heal everything from a sore back to cancer… but is it miracle or placebo?

“After having this magnetic mattress overlay, it’s like I spring out of bed feel wonderful and the rest of the day is just… you know, all on the up.”
-Russel Langstroth

Russel Langstroth is one of the thousands of people who swear by medical magnets. He’s used them on his shoulder, his knee… he even sleeps on a magnetic mattress pad. Why the magnetic attraction?

“In 45 minutes we decreased pain by 76%… that was at the Baylor College of Medicine. Refereed, peer-reviewed journal. I’ve seen it relieved even faster. It depends upon what the problem is. We’ve used magnets in the shoulders and seen 10 – 15 minute relief of pain.”
-Charley Zablotsky, Bioflex Medical Magnets

But while magnets attract some, they repel others.

“We’ve done double-blind tests in every country of the world, pretty well. All over the world. And it’s always the same result. It doesn’t work when you properly observe the thing and you do it with a big enough data pool. It doesn’t work.”
-James Randi, James Randi Foundation

And James Randi doesn’t just stop at skepticism… he’s famous for putting his money where his mouth is.

“I’m skeptical about magnets, but I’m willing to be shown. I’m a million dollars worth of willing to be shown. That’s the prize that this foundation offers. One million dollars to any person who can provide evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult. And this would certainly come into the paranormal field.”
-James Randi, James Randi Foundation

So will Bioflex take the bait? When I told them about Randi’s challenge, the response was swift.

“I’ll take that bet.”
-Charley Zablotsky, Bioflex Medical Magnets

Will Bioflex pick up a million bucks by proving that medical magnets actually work? I’ll be following up on this story, and you’ll be the first to know.

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