Cheapest and Priciest Labor Day Hotels

Rates in some cities practically double, while others are cheaper than usual.

Cheapest and Priciest Labor Day Hotels Photo (cc) by dherrera_96

Traveling this weekend? Hopefully not to Seattle.

A new survey by says that city has the most costly Labor Day weekend hotel rates. Visitors will “have to pay at least $312 per night to stay in Washington State’s largest city,” the survey says. “And that’s only if they’re willing to settle for the cheapest available 3-star hotel room.”

The regular going rate in Seattle is $188, but the city hosts the annual music and arts Bumbershoot Festival on Labor Day weekend, which “annually attracts close to 100,000 visitors to the city.”

Many cities are actually cheaper on Labor Day – Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Austin among them.

Here’s the survey’s list of 20 Labor Day destinations, along with the regular and Labor Day rates for double rooms at 3-star hotels…

Destination Labor Day Weekend Regular Rate
Seattle $312 $188
Virginia Beach $309 $157
Atlantic City $286 $187
Philadelphia $269 $160
Boston $246 $262
New York $224 $243
Chicago $213 $183
San Francisco $179 $229
Portland $170 $171
Austin $163 $193
New Orleans $153 $90
Honolulu $151 $114
Atlanta $145 $101
Los Angeles $143 $149
Myrtle Beach $129 $84
Miami Beach $109 $103
Washington DC $107 $112
Las Vegas $101 $91
St. Louis $81 $92
Orlando $63 $58

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