Wants to Give You $2,500

One of our partners is having a drawing for $2,500 cash. They hope you'll use the money to pay down debt. Wants to Give You $2,500 Photo by iQoncept /

If you’re familiar with this site, you’re hopefully also familiar with our Solutions Center: the place to improve your finances by shopping for a better deal on credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts, cellphone plans and other financial products.

It’s also a place where you can get help and advice with everything from a debt problem to Social Security.

Since we don’t issue credit cards, do debt counseling or offer mortgages, we partner with other companies that do. We simply find the best partners for each category, put them together in our Solutions Center and provide a one-stop shop for (hopefully!) all of your needs. In exchange for sending them business, in some instances they pay us a small referral fee, which, along with advertising, is how we keep our lights on.

One of our partners,, is having a drawing for $2,500. Since we like them (I’ve known the owner of for many years) and they’re our Solutions Center partner, we’re happy to help them publicize their sweepstakes. Click here to enter.

If you’re the contest type, this should be a good one, since it probably won’t have millions of entries and entering only takes a few seconds.

Good luck!


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