9 Employers and Job Resources to Pursue as an Older Worker

9 Employers and Job Resources to Pursue as an Older Worker
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There’s a huge job market out there, and it’s not all reserved for the under-50 crowd.

There are many employers who value the experience, wide skill set and mature work ethic that older workers bring to the workplace.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for workers age 45 to 54 was 2.9 percent — and the rate for workers age 55 and older was 2.7 percent — as of February. That’s compared with an overall unemployment rate of 3.8 percent.

If you’re an older worker looking for a new job, or looking to re-enter the workforce, start your job search by considering the following age-friendly companies and job resources.


These companies are examples of the many employers that offer special programs for older workers or that have been recognized for otherwise age-friendly efforts:

1. CVS Health

The retail pharmacy giant launched its Talent Is Ageless program in 2017 — at which time the company said that 24 percent of its workforce was over the age of 50.

The goal of the Talent Is Ageless program is to recruit and retain workers who are 50 or older.

Visit CVS Health’s careers webpage to learn more about current openings.


About one-third of this insurance company’s workforce is age 50 or older, CNBC reported last year.

You do not necessarily need an insurance background to work at FCCI, which provides commercial property and casualty insurance through independent agents. Its careers webpage explains:

“FCCI has some positions that do not require an industry background. In addition, the FCCI School of Excellence offers learning opportunities for teammates to develop and grow. Job descriptions on the Openings page will specify requirements.”

FCCI is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, but also has offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Texas and Virginia, according to a recent company announcement.

3. Goldman Sachs

The financial services company’s Returnship Program is a paid eight-week program for people who have been out of the workforce for two years or more.

Program participants are placed in one of the company’s many divisions, where they’re able to hone rusty skills and learn new ones.

As the Goldman Sachs website explains it:

“In the same way that an internship offers a guided period of exploration, a ‘returnship’ provides individuals with an opportunity to sharpen their skills in a work environment that may have changed significantly since their last experience as an employee. It also gives participants the ability to explore a new area of expertise and learn new skills.”

The deadline to apply for 2019 passed in October, so keep an eye out for the 2020 deadline this fall.

4. National Grid

This supplier of natural gas and electricity to Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and the United Kingdom was among a handful of companies that received an Age Smart Employer Award last year from the Columbia Aging Center at Columbia University. The awards recognize employers that value workers of all ages, including older workers.

“We are proud of our comprehensive compensation, benefits and well-being programs that respond to the needs of a multi-generational workforce,” said Keith Hutchison, National Grid’s senior vice president of U.S. human resources and chief diversity officer, in response to the award.

Visit the company’s careers webpage to search for openings.

5. PKF O’Connor Davies

Roughly one-third of this accounting firm’s employees are older than 50, according to the Columbia Aging Center — which also recognized PKF O’Connor Davies with an Age Smart Employer Award last year.

The company boasts that it prioritizes creating flexible schedules and hires partners who are forced to retire from competing firms that have mandatory retirement ages.

PKF O’Connor Davies has 11 offices across five states, according to a recent company announcement. You can filter current job opportunities by location on the firm’s careers webpage.

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