The 7 Cars Rated ‘Best in Class’ for 2019


If you plan to buy a brand-new sedan or SUV this year, you might want to consider shopping for a Honda.

The car company with the sterling reputation for reliability took top rankings in those two vehicle categories in the Edmunds Editors’ Choice Awards, a new set of awards from the automotive research company founded in 1966.

Honda was the only automaker to earn a top ranking in more than one category.

The experts at Edmunds test more than 300 vehicles every year. They selected the Editors’ Choice Awards winners based on vehicle testing as well as a ranking process that accounts for the following criteria:

  • Driving and performance
  • Comfort
  • Interior
  • Utility
  • Technology
  • Fun factor
  • Value

Edmunds then compiled the results to identify “the vehicles that car shoppers can trust as the best in class.”

The seven vehicles recognized as the best of their type for 2019 are:

  • Sedan: Honda Accord
  • Luxury sedan: Mercedes-Benz A-Class
  • SUV: Honda CR-V
  • Luxury SUV: Lincoln Navigator
  • Electric vehicle: Hyundai Kona Electric
  • Truck: Ram 1500
  • Sports car: Mazda MX-5 Miata

In praising the Honda Accord, Edmunds cited its fuel-efficient engine, “cavernous” interior and sporty handling.

Meanwhile, Edmunds lauded the Honda CR-V for a turbocharged engine that delivers “a rare combination of thrift and zest” and for its “plentiful and thoughtful storage areas.”

Getting the best deal on a car

Of course, our advice to anyone shopping for a brand-new car has been consistent: Rethink your plans.

You will almost always do better buying a slightly used, new-to-you vehicle instead of a shiny new model. As we note in “You Should Never Buy These 10 Things New“:

“The value of a new car drops like a rock as soon as you drive it off the lot. Rather than be upside-down on your car loan five minutes after signing the paperwork, look for a quality used car that has already taken the huge depreciation hit.”

For tips on finding the right used car, check out “5 Steps You Must Take Before Buying a Used Car.”

If you just cannot imagine life without that new-car smell, at least check out Edmunds’ “New Car Incentives and Rebates” tool. It makes it easier to find out whether dealers in your area are offering any incentives or rebates for the particular vehicle you are considering buying new.

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