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There are usually two kinds of people who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day: Those who go-all-out with costumes, hats, green shirts that say, “Kiss me I’m Irish,” and of course, office decorations (don’t forget green iced cookies and cupcakes).

Then, you have the folks who are super annoyed and now hate the color green because of St. Patrick’s Day. These are the people who’ll take the regular colored beer over the green tinted brew at the pub.

Which category do you fall into? It doesn’t really matter. While we can’t show you the path to a pot of gold, we can lead you down the path of savings with some free stuff you won’t need the “Luck ‘O the Irish” to get.

First, you have to imagine a small green character reading the ideas to you in a creepy almost sarcastic tone.

Free software

Idea number one that be giving you some fun.

Depending on what you do, computers run the gamut from useful to mandatory. But a computer by itself is of no use, you need software to make it work. And software can be expensive… or maybe not. There’s plenty of great software that’s free for the taking.

Free phone calls

Idea number two: There’s someone on the line for you.

Unlimited free calling to anyone from your cellphone? Perhaps you don’t need that expensive unlimited plan from your phone company after all. Take a look at this story and find out how you can get a free phone with free minutes.

Free long distance, books, faxes and music

Idea number three has more free calling, books and music for you and me.

Sending an instant message, watching the latest episode of Lost, listening to the radio or tweeting your lunch are all free online, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Free pet services

Idea number four, we’ve got something for the furry friends you adore.

Odds are you’re already paying taxes to subsidize some basic pet health services. Call your local Humane Society or county facility and ask about discounted inoculations or other services.

Free cellphones and free minutes

Idea number five to make you feel alive. Let your words ride the air without paying a fare.

Can you even imagine a world without cellphones? They’ve become a convenient yet expensive part of modern life. Over 80% of Americans own a cell phone, and for nearly half, it’s their only phone.

For those with little income, or looking for a job, not having a phone isn’t just about missed calls from family and friends, it’s about missed opportunities from employers. There is help out there in the form of pre-paid phone cards and cell phones, partially funded by Uncle Sam.

Free ID theft prevention

Idea number six will find a fix and end the blame to those who try to steal your name.

ID theft is so highly publicized and so frightening, a crop of companies now offer to help… for a fee, of course. Pay them every month and they’ll help protect your identity. One even ran commercials showing a moving billboard driving around with the CEO’s social security number on it: that’s how confident he was that nobody could steal your identity with their $10/month service. Incidentally, that company was recently fined $12 million by the FTC for making false claims.

Free prescription drugs

Idea number seven will keep you from an early trip to heaven.

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey, nearly a quarter of people on prescriptions have skipped or reduced doses in the past year to save money. Doctors say it’s a prescription for disaster.

Now, don’t you feel like St. Patrick’s Day has a new meaning? Free things to put you in a better mood. Who knows, maybe now you’ll dig up a four-leafed clover and break out the green tie or dress to wear to work next year. Want more free stuff? Come back every day and tell everyone you know how much you’ve learned and found here at Money Talks News! Gotta love the shameless, self-promotion!

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