Here Are the Very Best Verizon Cellphone Plans Today

Here Are the Very Best Verizon Cellphone Plans Today Photo by mimagephotography /

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Verizon offers the nation’s largest wireless network to over 147 million customers. For those of us who want superior network coverage and fast data speeds and don’t mind paying for it, Verizon is a great option. They don’t offer the cheapest cellphone plans, but if you value reliable coverage and fast data speeds, it’s worth the price. Whether you’re an average data user or crave unlimited GBs, there’s a plan that delivers what you need. Here are the very best Verizon cellphone plans today.

Best Verizon prepaid plan

$60 Prepaid Plan

What you get: For a low price, you get unlimited talk and text, and 10GB of data. No data overages, no contracts and no credit checks. Plus, you can use all of your plan’s data toward your mobile hotspot allowance. Forget about data overage fees, once you’ve reached your data limit, your speeds are simply slowed to 128 kbps until the end of your billing cycle.

Best Verizon plan with average data

5GB plan for $55

What you get: Every month, receive 5GB of data and unlimited talk and text plus international text to over 200 countries. Also, all unused data is carried over to the next month. At no additional cost, you can use your data as mobile hotspot. Why pay extra for an unlimited data plan when you don’t need to? For those of us who require less data, this is a great option.

Best Verizon family plan

Go Unlimited Family Plan

What you get: Your family can count on unlimited 4G LTE data, streaming video in SD (480p+), and mobile hotspots. Once you have used 22GB of data, your speeds may temporarily slow down during times of high network traffic.

Best Verizon unlimited plan

Beyond Unlimited

What you get: With Verizon’s Beyond Unlimited, you’re getting all the premium features — high-speed 4G LTE data, video streaming in high-definition, and 10GB of mobile hotspot — and on a top-notch network.

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