Here’s What It Costs to Insure America’s Favorite Cars

Here’s What It Costs to Insure America’s Favorite Cars
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Americans sure do love their pickup trucks.

Last year, the three most popular vehicles sold in the United States were trucks, according to the 2019 State of Auto Insurance report from insurance search engine The Zebra.

For the report, The Zebra looked at the 10 most popular cars in the U.S. based on sales for 2018 models and then figured what it costs to insure those vehicles.

Here’s how that shook down for America’s most popular cars:

  1. Ford F-series — average annual premium of $1,516
  2. Chevy Silverado — $1,532
  3. Ram pickup — $1,787
  4. Toyota RAV4 — $1,556
  5. Nissan Rogue — $1,546
  6. Toyota Camry — $1,692
  7. Honda CR-V — $1,509
  8. Honda Civic — $1,801
  9. Toyota Corolla — $1,724
  10. Honda Accord — $1,624

As it turns out, the average annual car insurance premiums for these cars are relatively low.

To put them in perspective: The Zebra reports that the cheapest car to insure is the Subaru Outback, with an average annual premium of $1,392. The most expensive car to insure in the Audi R8, with an average annual premium of $4,102.

So the average premiums on the 10 most popular vehicles are much closer to the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Cutting your car insurance costs

No matter what car you drive, you can take steps to lower your auto insurance costs.

Perhaps the single best way to do that is to simply shop around. You can contact multiple insurers for quotes or let a tool like The Zebra do this work for you.

We explain more about how The Zebra works in “7 Real Ways to Save on Your Car Costs“:

“It enables you to compare quotes from more than 200 auto insurers side by side, so you can easily determine which policy best suits your needs. You can then buy coverage online or through one of The Zebra’s licensed agents.”

For more money-saving pointers, check out “The Complete Guide to Getting the Best Possible Deal on Car Insurance” by Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson. It should be required reading for all drivers. Even those who drive cheaper-to-insure cars will likely discover tips on saving money.

What’s your take on how much it costs to insure the most popular cars? And how have you cut your own auto insurance costs? Share with us by commenting below or over on our Facebook page.

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