Lawsuit: FedEx Knowingly Overcharged Customers

Business customers were getting unfair residential surcharges tacked onto the bill, the suit says.

Lawsuit: FedEx Knowingly Overcharged Customers Photo (cc) by erikleenaars

The Wall Street Journal reports…

The suit alleges that FedEx has “known for years that it is unlawfully charging residential delivery surcharges for deliveries to nonresidential addresses.” Those business addresses include not only those of both the law firms that filed the complaint, the suit alleges, but the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Office, and Toyota Motor Credit, among many others. The suit also says that, at least 70 different times, the charge was added to deliveries to FedEx’s own headquarters.

Part of the evidence in the case is emails between FedEx employees about the surcharges, which one employee called “systematic.”

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