Paying Off the Plastic? Here’s a New Use for an Old Card

Tired of holding your smart phone in your hand while you watch your favorite shows or movies? Here's a way to use an old credit card to create a nifty stand.

Paying Off the Plastic? Here’s a New Use for an Old Card Photo (cc) by Wonderlane

If you’ve been paying down your credit cards and closing accounts, rather than cutting up your cards, save one to use as a stand for your smart phone. The website details the method in this article, but essentially all you have to do is create two bends in your card: one near the bottom to serve as a lip to rest your player on, and another about half-way up to create a stand. To keep the card from breaking, use a lighter to heat it up first.

Just to make sure it works, I tried it myself with a sample AARP card I got in the mail. (They apparently don’t understand that I’m 25, not 55.)

Step one: find an old credit card. (You did send a letter to the card company officially closing the account, right?) You could also use one of those plastic hotel keys, or just about any plastic card.

Step two: heat it with a lighter, then make a small bend near the bottom.

credit card with one bend

Step three: heat the middle of the card with a lighter, then make another bend.

credit card with two bends

Step four: watch your favorite movie or TV show and contemplate how nice it is not to have that credit card any more.

credit card with iPhone

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