Debt Collector
2-Minute Money Manager: Should I Get a Debt Consolidation Loan?

on May 27, 2019

One way to get ahead of debt is to borrow in the form of a debt consolidation loan. But before going down this road, you need to do this first.

Woman looking at her debts
2-Minute Money Manager: What’s the Best Way to Pay Down Debt?

on February 25, 2019

Which is the best method for paying down credit card debt? Here are the pros and cons of three main options.

financial time bomb
7 Steps to Quickly Eliminate Your Holiday Debt

on January 15, 2019

The holiday season isn’t really wrapped up until the bills are paid. These tips can help you tackle debt fast.

17 Ways to Keep Your Holidays Debt-Free
17 Ways to Keep Your Holidays Debt-Free

on November 6, 2018

These smart tactics help you plan holidays that focus on the fun and avoid a holiday debt hangover in 2019.

What’s Your Debt IQ? Take This Quiz to Find Out
What’s Your Debt IQ? Take This Quiz to Find Out

on October 9, 2018

If you’re like most Americans, you are thousands of dollars in debt. But do you really understand how credit really works?

surprised consumer
What to Do When Debt Collectors Call — Even If You Don’t Owe Money

on July 31, 2018

You can turn the tables on aggressive debt collectors. Here’s what you should know — even if you have no outstanding debts.

Couple w Computer
Study: Debt Takes a Toll on Couples’ Relationships

on July 25, 2018

Debt strains everyone’s finances. But for couples, it also stresses their relationship. Here’s what anyone can learn from this.

Woman w Paperwork
2-Minute Money Manager: Should I Hire Help to Settle an IRS Tax Bill?

on July 2, 2018

You’ve probably seen the ads: “Owe Taxes to IRS? We Can Help!” ‎Can these tax-relief companies really help with unpaid tax bills? Here’s what you need to know.

financial time bomb
Is It Ever OK to Carry Debt Into Retirement?

on June 14, 2018

Some experts argue that retiring with certain kinds of debt is not such a bad thing. But their advice doesn’t necessarily apply to you.

college graduate
7 Companies That Now Help Pay for Workers’ College Expenses

on June 14, 2018

Here’s what everyone should know about this cheap — and sometimes free — path to a college degree.

Debt collector
Ask Stacy: If My Debt Is Sold to a Collection Agency, Do I Still Have to Pay It?

on April 20, 2018

The internet says there’s a legal loophole allowing you to dodge your debts. Here’s what I say.

U.S. dollar
How Today’s Fed Rate Hike Will Help Savers — and Hurt Others

on March 21, 2018

The Federal Reserve just raised its pivotal federal funds rate for the sixth time in about two years. Find out who wins and loses from this move.

U.S. map with a $100 dollar bill printed on it
State by State: Where Americans Are Best and Worst at Managing Debt

on February 12, 2018

Data from more than half a million borrowers shows that people lower-income states often manage their debt better than those where incomes are higher.

Debt Trouble
Ask Stacy: My Credit Card Debt Is Killing Me — What Can I Do?

on January 2, 2018

If you’ve got a debt problem, it’s time to stop worrying and start doing something about it.

Distressed looking couple studying bills
Resolutions 2018: Finding the Right Financial Help

on December 27, 2017

Financial counselors are not all created equal. Here’s how to avoid scoundrels and find people who will help you conquer debts.

How Today’s Fed Rate Hike Helps — and Hurts — Your Wallet
How Today’s Fed Rate Hike Helps — and Hurts — Your Wallet

on December 13, 2017

The Federal Reserve just raised the federal funds rate again, which means interest rates will likely rise in 2018. Here’s how the move will impact anyone with savings or debt.

San Francisco, California
Maxed-Out Americans: Cities With the Heaviest Credit Card Debt

on November 16, 2017

Whether area economies dip or soar, residents of some U.S. cities don’t contain their credit card debt.

Student Debt Soars: 5 Ways to Pay Off Your Loans Faster
Student Debt Soars: 5 Ways to Pay Off Your Loans Faster

on October 18, 2017

Student loan debt has reached a new record high, with college grads of every age bearing this burden. Here are five tricks to pay off college loans sooner.

Can’t Leave an Inheritance? Here Are 6 Ways to Help Your Family
Can’t Leave an Inheritance? Here Are 6 Ways to Help Your Family

on October 6, 2017

Just because you don’t have a vast estate to divvy up among your heirs doesn’t mean you can’t give them a nice boost.

Couple w Bills
Ask Stacy: How Can I Help My Fiance’s Credit?

on September 15, 2017

This reader has an excellent credit history and score, but the man she’s about to marry doesn’t. How can she help him?

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