10 Clever Uses for Old Tin Cans

Give metal cans new life with these DIY projects. Every room of your home stands to benefit.

10 Clever Uses for Old Tin Cans Photo (cc) by auntjojo

Americans use enough steel and tin cans in one day to build a pipe that could stretch from Los Angeles to New York and back, according to Boston College.

That’s also enough cans for do-it-yourself projects that will keep you or the kids busy through the holidays.

We’ve rounded up tutorials for some of the most inexpensive but useful ways to give old tin cans new purpose.

1. Lighting

Photo: Grow Creative / www.growcreativeblog.comPhoto: Grow Creative / www.growcreativeblog.com

Artist Elise Engh of the blog Grow Creative turned several sizes of tin cans into lanterns with little more than spray paint and bailing wire for handles.

While Engh uses her lanterns outdoors with tea-light candles, electric candles could make this lantern safe for indoor use.


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