10 States With the Most Electric Vehicles

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Woman charging electric vehicle
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High gas prices don’t bother electric vehicle owners – they can just cruise on past the pump. Wherever you live, you may be seeing more and more electric cars on the roads, but these vehicles are much more common in some states than others.

The U.S. Department of Energy recently reported on how many all-electric vehicles are registered in each state. (Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were excluded.) Here’s a look at the top states with the most electric vehicle registrations.

10. Georgia

electric vehicles charging in Georgia
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 23,530

The Peach State is becoming a hot spot for electric vehicle manufacturing. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that car maker Rivian will build a $5 billion factory in the Atlanta area, and SK Battery America will produce EV batteries at a new $2.6 billion plant that is currently being completed near the city. So it’s only fitting that Georgia makes the top 10 for electric vehicle registrations.

9. Colorado

electric car charging in Colorado
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 24,670

Colorado is famous for its clean mountain air, and the state wants to keep it that way. It is currently working on a Clean Truck Strategy, planning to focus on replacing medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The strategy will provide incentives to purchase electric vehicles, invest in changing infrastructure, require a certain percentage of trucks sold in the state to be zero-emission, and provide technical assistance for fleets.

8. Illinois

Electric FedEx truck in Chicago
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 26,000

Like many states, Illinois wants to make buying an electric vehicle a more attractive option. The state is now offering a $4,000 incentive to electric vehicle buyers. Plus, it’s providing rebates and grants for new charging stations.

7. Arizona

Lucid electric vehicle factory in Arizona
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 28,770

Like Georgia, sunny Arizona is working to become a hub for electric vehicle manufacturers. Lucid, Polestar, Rivian and Tesla all have facilities in the state. In addition, Atlis Motor Vehicles, a startup based in Mesa, is producing electric work trucks.

6. New Jersey

electric car new jersey
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 30,420

Electric vehicles don’t just save drivers money on gas — they help keep the air healthier. The American Lung Association recently reported on the benefits to be realized if all new passenger vehicles sold are electric by 2035 and all new trucks and buses sold are electric by 2040. Those benefits are considerable in New Jersey, where the report says the Garden State would realize $43.6 billion in public health benefits by 2050 and save up to 3,960 lives due to improved air quality.

5. New York

New York City Tesla Taxi Cab
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 32,590

New York is famous for its yellow taxicabs. And now, some of those taxis are electric. New York City-based Gravity Inc. recently introduced a fleet of Tesla Model Y yellow cabs in New York City. Right now, there are just 25 electric taxis, The New York Times reports, but many more are expected.

4. Washington

electric car by mountains in Washington State
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 50,520

Scenic Washington is another state that’s going all-out to promote electric vehicles. Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill in March 2022 that says that all vehicles of the model year 2030 or later that are sold, purchased or registered in the state must be electric.

3. Texas

Texas Tesla charging station
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 52,190

Tesla, perhaps the best-known electric automaker, moved its headquarters from California’s Bay Area to Austin, Texas, in late 2021. Business Insider reports that the company’s Gigafactory is expected to employ 5,000 workers at a new 2,100-acre facility and will build the stainless-steel-skinned Cybertruck and other vehicles there.

2. Florida

Florida electric vehicle
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 58,160

Sunny Florida has the second-largest number of electric vehicles registered of all the states, although it’s far behind the No. 1 state. Florida also has the third-largest number of electric vehicle charging stations, behind California and New York.

1. California

electric car charging in San Francisco
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All-electric vehicles registered in this state: 425,300

California blows away the other states, with 425,300 electric vehicles registered. That’s almost 380,000 more vehicles than second-place Florida. That number is likely to rise as California is moving to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered, light-duty vehicles by 2035.

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