10 Tips to Spend Less on Clothes

Whether you're a jeans and T-shirt type or prefer the polished look, here is how to get your clothes for less money.

10 Tips to Spend Less on Clothes Photo (cc) by ralph and jenny

It doesn’t matter if you wear $30 jeans or carry a $200 handbag — if you’re reading this, you probably wish you’d spent a little less on clothes and accessories.

Fortunately, we have some ideas to help you do exactly that. Following are 10 tips to help you dress for less.

1. Get cash for your old duds


Before you even think about buying new clothes, you need to empty your closet and fill your wallet.

Anything that hasn’t graced your body in the last year should head out the door. Where to, you ask? One good option is the local consignment shop, assuming your clothes are in good condition and don’t look like something Austin Powers would wear when trying to save the world.

If the consignment shop won’t take them, try hosting a garage sale. And if that doesn’t work, give them away to your local thrift store. However, you presumably spent good money on those clothes, so try to recoup some of the cost if you can.


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