15 Things You Once Could Buy for Under $1

Nostalgia is fun, whether you remember the fabulous '50s or just wish you did. Care to guess how many full-sized candy bars you'd get for $1 back then?

Field Studios / Shutterstock.com

Remember the good old days, when things were cheap? Sometimes those low, low prices look a little better in hindsight than they probably appeared at the time.

Take prices for consumer goods in the 1950s, for example. From today’s vantage point, they seem incredibly low. But before you get too nostalgic for the days of poodle skirts and hula hoops, remember to factor in inflation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index Inflation Calculator, $1 in 950 had the same buying power as $10.38 in 2018. That means the prices weren’t quite as low as they seem today.

Even so, some things you could purchase in the mid-20th century truly were bargains compared with what you’d pay today. Following are examples of 15 things you could buy back in the day for less than $1.

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