20 Bizarre Job Interview Questions, and How to Answer Them

Have you been caught flat-footed during an interview? Never again! Study these curveball questions before you (or someone you know) gets in an awkward spot.

1. If you had to plan a parade, what would be the theme?

Jesus Fernandez / Shutterstock.com

Online shoe and clothing retailer Zappos likes to pose some real stumpers to its job candidates, according to Business Insider. Candidates might be asked to rate their own weirdness on a scale of 1 to 10, or use their favorite curse word in a sentence about their last job. (Watch your @$%!$ mouth on that one.) But perhaps the most novel query: Some would-be employees are asked to provide the theme they would choose if they had to plan a parade.

Tips: This is one of those no-right-answer questions. Interviewers are likely looking to see if you can think on your feet and produce a decent plan off the top of your head. The parade can be to express your devotion to the Chicago Cubs or why “Weird Al” Yankovic is better than the Beatles — it doesn’t matter, as long as you come up with something and back it up with logical reasoning. Just don’t pull an obvious suck-up move by planning your parade around “responsibility” or “office cleanliness.” No one wants to hire Eddie Haskell.


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