39 Painless Ways to Find Fast Cash

Need some simple ways to save? Here are dozens of painless ways to squeeze a few extra bucks out of any budget.

39 Painless Ways to Find Fast Cash Photo by standret / Shutterstock.com

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Although the holidays come at the same time every year, way too many of us fail to budget for them. This year the National Retail Federation expects total spending to reach $655.8 billion. It’s likely that a bunch of that will go on credit cards — and in some cases those cards won’t be paid in full once the bills arrive.

According to a recent survey from TransUnion credit bureau, 89 percent of male consumers plan to pay off holiday spending within the first quarter of 2017, while only 73 percent of female shoppers believe they’ll be able to do so.

In other words, these buyers will pay interest for up to three months after the gifts are opened. And that’s assuming no emergencies crop up to keep them from paying in full. (Sound familiar?)

What if you could set aside money painlessly, all year long, and be ready to pay cash on the barrel head?

The good news: You can! And not only does this not need to hurt, it can actually be fun.


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