8 Major Retailers Closed for Thanksgiving This Year

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Retailers always have taken varied approaches to Thanksgiving. Some stores historically have closed on the holiday, of course. Others traditionally have closed for the early part of the day and opened to shoppers later.

It appears this year will be a little different, though. Numerous major retailers that opened on Thanksgiving last year have announced that they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day 2020, which falls on Nov. 26.

Avoiding crowds out of concern for public safety amid the coronavirus pandemic and from a desire to give employees a full day of rest are reasons often given.

Here are some retailers that already have announced closures for this year after being open last Thanksgiving.

1. Best Buy

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Best Buy — purveyor of electronics, appliances, phones, computers, entertainment and more — announced that it will take a break on Thanksgiving, closing stores for the holiday.

Shoppers may turn instead to the retailer’s website and the app to get a fix or track down a needed purchase on Thanksgiving.

Remember, Best Buy has one of the better loyalty programs out there: We cite it in “10 Retailers That Give You Rewards on Every Purchase.”

2. Macy’s

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Macy’s, whose annual Thanksgiving parade in New York City historically marks the start of the holiday season for many Americans, will close its doors this year on Thanksgiving. Instead, it will offer some of its “biggest holiday deals with some of the best brands, earlier than ever.”

You won’t need to go without a Macy’s fix on Thanksgiving, though. There’s always shopping online and through the Macy’s app.

Macy’s parade, too, will be scaled back, with a shorter route, fewer participants and a “shift to a television-broadcast-only production” designed to prevent crowds from forming along the usual parade route. The company urges viewers to watch the spectacle on TV.

3. Kohl’s

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Kohl’s says it wants its holiday plans “to reflect a year like no other,” and the retailer made public in July its plans to close stores for Thanksgiving.

The reasoning: Kohl’s expects shoppers to begin holiday retail buying earlier and shop online more this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Use the Kohl’s website and mobile app if you need a fix on Thanksgiving, and stretch your dollars with “9 Ways to Get More for Your Money at Kohl’s.”

4. Target

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“Let’s face it,” says Target in a press release about holiday plans. “Historically, deal hunting and holiday shopping can mean crowded events, and this isn’t a year for crowds.”

The retailer will be closed on Thanksgiving. To compensate, it promises low prices, in stores and online, throughout the season, beginning in October.

Get quietly stoked for your next Target trip — virtual or not — with “8 Things I Always Buy at Target.”

5. Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Dick’s Sporting Goods and its specialty stores Golf Galaxy and Field & Stream all will be closed on Thanksgiving, according to a company announcement.

In years past, most Dick’s stores were open for the holiday, with limited evening hours. This year, stores will be open as usual on Wednesday, Nov. 25, which is the day before Thanksgiving.

In the announcement, Dick’s says a 15% pay premium now in effect for store and distribution center employees will continue through the end of the year.

6. Walmart

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“We know this has been a trying year, and our associates have stepped up. We hope they will enjoy a special Thanksgiving Day at home with their loved ones,” says John Furner, president and CEO of Walmart U.S., in an announcement about closing stores on the holiday. “We are certainly thankful to our people for all of their efforts.”

The announcement contains news of an employee bonus, another of several this year: $300 for full-time and $150 for part-time hourly associates.

If you are planning a trip to Walmart for holiday fixings, we’ve got “8 Ways to Snag Extra Savings at Walmart.”

7. J.C. Penney

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This has been a rough year for a lot of workers, families and companies, J.C. Penney included. We recently cited the department store in “10 Iconic Brands That Disappeared and 7 More That May Soon Follow.”

Stores will be closed on Thanksgiving so store associates and customers may “stay safe, relax, and enjoy the day with loved ones,” the company says in an announcement.

8. Bed Bath & Beyond

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“Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our dedicated associate teams have taken exceptional steps to keep each other safe, our customers served, and our communities supported with the essential items they need,” Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. President and CEO Mark Tritton says in an announcement about stores closing this Thanksgiving.

In addition to Bed Bath & Beyond, sister chains Buy Buy Baby, Christmas Tree Shops, Harmon Face Values and Cost Plus World Market also will be closed on Nov. 26.

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