9 Foods That Can Be Used as Cleaning Products

9 Foods That Can Be Used as Cleaning Products

In recent years, countless homeowners have made the shift from harsh, chemical-based household cleaning products to mild, all-natural alternatives.

Folks are slowly starting to realize that spotless floors and sparkling surfaces don’t outweigh the health risks associated with repeated exposure to the dangerous and potentially toxic ingredients in many popular household cleaners.

If you want to make the switch to organic cleaning products, look no further than your pantry or fridge. Many of the foods you’ll find there can be used as cleaners that are as safe and effective as the pricey, all-natural cleaners you see online and in the grocery store.

Following are nine foods that moonlight as household cleaners.

1. Ketchup


You may recognize it as a french fry’s best friend, but this popular condiment is also a potent household cleaner. Thanks to the natural acidity of the tomatoes, ketchup makes a powerful metal polish. Dab some on a cloth and use it to make your copper bowls, pots and pans shine.

Once you are done in the kitchen, use ketchup to clean your car.


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