7 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Dog

Nobody loves you like your ever-loyal pup. We have rounded up seven of the best — and cheapest — ways to pamper your pooch this Valentine's Day.

7 Cheap Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Dog Photo (cc) by Phillip Jenkins - The Critical Path

Valentine’s Day is the time when we give gifts to those we love. And according to surveys, people really love their pets.

A 2011 Harris poll found that 90 percent of pet owners see their dogs and cats as members of the family. Eighty percent of respondents to a PoochPerks.com poll said they prefer the company of their dog to that of other people.

Meanwhile, an American Animal Hospital Association sampling found that 40 percent of married female dog owners say they get more emotional support from their pet than from their family members.

All these findings make one thing perfectly clear: Your four-legged loved one deserves a little recognition on Feb. 14. So, we’ve rounded up the seven of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your pooch.

Best of all, these gifts don’t cost much — you may even save enough to buy a Valentine’s card for your spouse. But only if he or she takes the dog for a walk first, of course!

1. Tag your pet


Show your canine companion just how much you value their safety this Valentine’s Day with a new, personalized ID tag. Love Your Pets offers eye-catching, aluminum dog tags in a choice of six fun shapes and eight colors for under $4. The tags even come with a lifetime guarantee.

Looking for a gift with a little more sparkle? Check out these blinged-out Swarovski crystal dog tags, which sell for less than $8.

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