Could These 12 Weird Tax Deductions Save You Money?

What are you missing as you figure out your tax deductions? An African safari, perhaps? The new swimming pool? Read on to learn about some of the whacky ways that have helped others trim their tax liability.

Could These 12 Weird Tax Deductions Save You Money? Photo (cc) by pmarkham

This year, thanks to a little extension from the federal government, we all get until April 18 to file our taxes. That gives us three full days more to ponder the deductions we deserve – or are at least allowed – to boost those refunds or cut our tax bills.

Did you put in a pool? Captain a whaling ship? Go on a safari? To get you thinking, here are 12 of the oddest allowed deductions according to the IRS, the U.S. Tax Court and other sources. Most apply only if you itemize deductions, and some must meet thresholds, such as miscellaneous business expenses that only count when they exceed 2 percent of your adjusted gross income. To see which ones you can take, read on. (And, if in doubt, be sure to contact a tax professional.)


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