Earth Day: A Dozen Ways Going Green Will Save You Some Green

For Earth Day, 12 ways to make living green pay by saving money.

earth day photoPhoto (cc) by LAGreenGrounds

Help save the Earth, and you may help save yourself some money.

Most of us say we should do more to save the planet, but about half agree living green ain’t easy, according to a Harris poll taken for the 45th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22.

While almost 6 in 10 say the current focus on the environment in our society is not going far enough, Americans remain divided on whether it’s easy (45 percent) or difficult (49 percent) to live a green or environmentally conscious lifestyle, the Harris poll of 2,244 adults found.

Cost and convenience are oft cited concerns, as is confusion. Is organic food really healthier or just labeled that way as an excuse to charge more? Six in 10 are not sure.

If you’re considering a greener lifestyle, here are 12 ways to start that will help you save some green. Some have immediate returns, others take a while to pay off.

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