The 7 Most Popular Car Colors in 2022

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The type of car you drive says a lot about you, but so does its color, according to an analysis by PPG.

The global supplier of paints, coatings and specialty materials recently published its 2021 automotive color popularity report. It found that the trend of expressing yourself through your vehicle doesn’t stop with a single color.

PPG says a growing number of drivers are turning toward two-tone finishes, personalized colors and other ways of standing out from the pack.

In a press release, Misty Yeomans, PPG color styling manager, automotive OEM, Americas, says:

“It’s fitting that two-tone finishes would come back into favor during this time when we as a society are looking to the past. Along with special-order colors, tinted clearcoats, tri-coats and matte finishes, two-tone finishes better reflect vehicle owners’ individual preferences and personalities.”

However, for most car owners, it all starts with a single, favorite color. Following are the most popular car colors in North America.

1. Gray/silver

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Vehicles from the 2021 model year with this color: 34%

Year after year, gray and silver are the most popular car colors, and last year was no exception. About one-third of 2021 model year vehicles were one of these two colors.

What makes gray and silver king? It is likely their appeal at resale time. As MotorBiscuit opined a few years ago:

“Simply put, neutral colors like silver and gray are the best to go for. Chromatic colors, such as orange or bright yellow vehicles, will have you at a disadvantage when trying to let go of them.”

2. White

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Vehicles from the 2021 model year with this color: 24%

White is the second most popular car color, representing nearly a quarter of 2021 vehicles.

If you live in a place with warmer weather, buying a white-colored car can be a shrewd move. Studies have found that lighter-colored cars stay cooler than darker-colored vehicles, meaning you won’t have to switch on the AC quite as often.

3. Black

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Vehicles from the 2021 model year with this color: 18%

Yes, it’s true that black-colored cars may trap more heat. But for millions of car owners, the sleek and stylish look of a black car is too good to turn down.

4. Other popular colors

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Four other colors also were notably popular among 2021 models. They are:

  • Blue: 12%
  • Red: 7.5%
  • Green: 2%
  • Natural: 1.5%

Perhaps green is the surprise on this list, but it may be a winner because of its association with nature, sustainability and inclusiveness, Yeomans says:

“Green is also seen as a ‘traffic light’ color, acting as a signal for everyone to go forward — it’s safe and we can trust this color.”

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