The Best College in Each State for Getting a Job

There are lots of factors when choosing a college. Here's a look at how the graduates of schools in each state fare when it comes to finding jobs. /

Students choose their colleges for all sorts of reasons: strong programs in their intended major; a good financial-aid package; closeness to (or distance from) home. But one statistic that would-be freshmen and their parents can look at is how well the school’s graduates fare when it comes to finding jobs.

Career website Zippia recently released a study about which colleges in each state score the best when it comes to job placement.

“It’s becoming more and more important for college graduates to prepare for a competitive workforce,” the site notes in the introduction to its study. “This means picking the right major, having great internship and work experiences, but most of all, choosing the right college to attend in the first place.”

The site used the Integrated Postsecondary Education System to compile its ratings, examining employment levels 10 years after students have graduated. Some of the schools are big names — Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame all landed on the list. But others are smaller schools, including some parents and students may want to put on their list to investigate come college-planning time. Here’s a look at the ranking, from lowest to highest.


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