9 of the Best Things to Buy at Walmart

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Walmart store
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Prices are rising on almost every item we use, so it’s more important than ever to shop around, even for the little things.

If you haven’t checked Walmart lately, you might be overpaying for everyday items or missing out on otherwise great finds.

Here are a few favorites that can save you some cash or time.

Mason jars

Ball Mason jars on a store shelf
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Quart-size Mason jars are perfect for your favorite homemade pasta sauce or prize-winning jam. Or if you just started canning food, these are an all-time classic for making your own canned veggies. They can be purchased at Walmart for about a dollar or so each.

They’re even available in different colors and sizes just in case you like to make cupcakes in a jar like I do.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes
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I’m a huge fan of baby wipes, even though my youngest is almost 15 now. I keep a pack in the car, at home and in my travel bag. These are perfect for a quick refresh when there is no shower in sight.

I buy Huggies Natural Care wipes with cucumber and green tea, but Walmart also has its own brand, Parent’s Choice, in several varieties, all at a great price, too.

Melamine cleaning sponges

Magic Eraser
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If you haven’t used one of these yet, add one to your cart next time you’re shopping. Walmart has its own version of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers — Great Value Miracle Cleaning Erasers — to take care of even the most stubborn of spots for a lot less than the brand-name product.

Cotton rounds

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You can get 100 of Walmart’s Equate Beauty Premium Cotton Rounds for a little more than $2, or 100 of the slightly thinner regular option for even less. Cotton rounds have more surface area than regular cotton balls and work great for cleaning just about anything that might need a gentle touch — whether it’s a quick nail polish change or cleaning your dog’s latest scrape. I can certainly attest to that last use!

Liquid hand soap refill

Person washing their hands
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At about 8 cents per ounce, Walmart’s Equate Aloe Vera Liquid Hand Soap Refill (50 fluid ounces) can refill a soap dispenser several times, keeping all the hands in your home clean at a minimal cost. By comparison, the small pump bottle of that soap costs around 11 cents per ounce.

Epsom salt

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If you’ve ever had aching feet or suffered from a sore back, Epsom salt (not actually salt, but a mineral, magnesium sulfate) is a must on your shopping list. A soak can help relieve tension. And with Walmart’s Equate brand of Epsom salt available for less than a dollar a pound, your wallet will thank you for buying it there. Consider picking up a bag or two to help soothe your muscles after your next hard day at work or play. There are even a few videos out there using Epsom salt as snow in DIY holiday decor projects!

Inexpensive tableware

Man loading a dishwasher
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Available in a variety of colors, Walmart’s inexpensive Mainstays plastic dishware can provide extra place settings when you have friends over or add some extra color to your table, especially if you’re on a small budget.

Inexpensive bedsheets

Little girl in bed with a teddy bear
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Starting around $20 for a complete twin set, Walmart’s Mainstays Jersey cotton sheet sets are lightweight, durable and very comfortable, in my experience. They’re easy to wash and work really well with temperature-control mattresses. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, they’re priced to fit any budget and satisfy your youngest sleeper and your returning college student.

Slow cooker liners

Pot roast made in a slow cooker
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You may be able to find liners cheaper online or in bulk perhaps, but at approximately 50 cents each, using one of these liners in your slow cooker can be a game changer for packed schedules and busy families!

Anyone who has used a slow cooker before knows the cleanup isn’t always easy, especially with the ever-present threat of cracking the ceramic pot. Once it’s broken, it’s often cheaper to buy a new slow cooker than to order a replacement pot.

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