Who Needs a Shrink? 8 Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress

You might not have heard of them, but these tips just might zap stress as effectively as more traditional — and expensive — methods.

Who Needs a Shrink? 8 Cheap Ways to Relieve Stress Photo (cc) by Cubosh

Headaches, fatigue, chest pain, upset stomach and sleeping problems are a few of the ways stress takes a toll on our bodies.

Restlessness, depression, and lack of motivation and focus are some of the ways it affects mood, according to the Mayo Clinic. Such emotions can prompt behaviors such as overeating, angry outbursts, social withdrawal and substance abuse.

We try seemingly anything to cope with stress, but here are some no- and low-cost options. They just might be as useful as they are unusual.

1. Get out the crayons

Photo by Flickr user laffy4kPhoto by Flickr user laffy4k

You’ll need them for coloring books, which millions of stressed-out grown-ups are opening, The Fiscal Times reports:

The appeal is simple: Adult coloring book lovers, who tend to be mostly women, like the calming and relaxing effect that coloring within the lines can have when life gets out of control.

One big plus: This type of therapy is a lot more affordable than a visit to the shrink.

Some of the most popular adult coloring books, like “Secret Garden,” have made Amazon’s bestseller list.


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