Study: Dishwashers Don’t Kill Stomach Flu Virus

New research says better cleaning products are needed for handling norovirus.

Study: Dishwashers Don’t Kill Stomach Flu Virus Photo (cc) by U.S. Geological Survey

HealthDay News explains the research…

For the study, published recently in the journal PLoS One, researchers contaminated cream cheese and reduced-fat milk with a norovirus, E. coli or Listeria, three common causes of foodborne illness. These dairy products were then applied to stainless-steel utensils, ceramic plates and drinking glasses. The utensils were washed by hand or in a dishwasher following sanitizing protocols that used chlorine and quaternary ammonium compound (germicidal detergent).

Both methods took care of E. coli and listeria, but not norovirus. The article says the virus causes over 90,000 emergency room visits annually and severe diarrhea in children under five.


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