Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: More than 100 frugal Christmas gift ideas, tailgating at home, important financial tasks, sacrificing for financial freedom, and decluttering your home in 10 minutes.

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. Could You Give Up These 5 Things for Financial Freedom?

[MoneyNing] I’ve written a lot about financial freedom — having the money to do the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do.

What would you give up to be free? This post offers five possibilities: a nice house, vacations, new cars, new clothes and hobbies.

Achieving financial freedom while still young enough to enjoy it often involves sacrifice, choosing to put off today’s pleasure for tomorrow’s. Check out this post. It will make you think.

2. 20 Important Financial Tasks to Do Each Year

[Moolanomy] Checking out your investments, shopping your insurance, setting goals, checking your credit — just some of the many things you need to periodically do to stay on top of the family finances.

We’ve talked about some of these things in articles like “13 Smart Things to Do Before Year-End,” but checking out other ideas and sources never hurts!

3. 3 Great Ways to Bring the Tailgate Party Home

[Narrow Bridge Finance] The author of this article starts by saying, “While I was in college I always enjoyed being a part of tailgate parties and we made an all-day event of them. My wife and I even carried on the tradition the first few years of our marriage by tailgating at all of our favorite team’s home games, but now that we have kids it doesn’t make the most sense.”

But avoiding the stadium parking lot doesn’t mean this family’s tailgating days are over. Now they host a potluck on game days, turn on the TV and arrange some fun activities for those less interested in the game. A virtual tailgate party, but without the hassle, travel and expense. Smart!

4. 101 Frugal and Useful Christmas Gift Ideas

[One Cent at a Time] Halloween is barely over and articles featuring gift ideas are already popping up.

This one is great because it’s all about being frugal and the list of ideas is long. Examples: movie night out, baby- or elder-sitting certificate, electronic key finder, pedometer, cordless mouse, rechargeable batteries with charger, e-books, and printed T-shirts.

Check out this post, then keep the list nearby. It’s going to come in handy soon.

5. Declutter Your Home in 10 Minutes

[Wise Bread] This was a headline I couldn’t resist.

The author isn’t really claiming you can completely declutter your entire house in 10 minutes. What she’s suggesting is 10-minute “bursts” of periodic decluttering. The idea is that nothing’s so unpleasant you can’t spend 10 minutes doing it, and eventually those bursts will add up to a much more manageable and organized you.

Check out this post, then give it a try. I’m going to.

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