Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Ways You’re Telling People Your Time Isn’t Valuable

[Time Management Ninja] “Do you value your time? You may say you do. Yet, your actions and behavior convey a different message. You let others schedule, interrupt, and otherwise squander it at will. If your time is such a precious resource, why do you let others take it freely?”

How do you know if you’re allowing others to steal your time? You say yes to everything, drop what you’re doing when interrupted, are always reachable, don’t mind tardiness in others, or allow meetings to run over the scheduled time.

Sound familiar? Read this post.

2. Stupid Business Catch Phrases and Buzzwords

[The Wealthy Turtle] “Some of these stupid catch phrases are fancy ways to communicate simple ideas. Some are insulting ways to hide the truth. And some will make you look foolish and rob you of your effectiveness.”

When it comes to silly speech, I’m both perpetrator and victim. For close to 20 years now, the last line of many of my TV news stories begins with “Bottom line?” I’ve said it so often that an anchor at one of the TV stations that broadcasts my videos once told me that when my stories started, the news, sports and weather anchors would stop what they were doing and bet on whether I’d use that tired term yet again.

Bottom line? We can all fall into an annoying turn of phrase but should do our best to avoid them. This author’s list of phrases and buzzwords includes “think outside the box,” “right-sizing,” “to be honest,” “Can I ask you a question?” and more. Check it out.

3. How I Can Afford to Retire at 40

[Yes, I Am Cheap] “Retirement to me simply means this – working on my own terms. I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell does that mean?” Well, I can work if I want to, for [whom] I want to, where I want to, when I want to.”

Under that definition, I guess I’m technically retired now, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

This article includes advice on creating replacement income, building a brand and eliminating debt. It delivers what it promises: one person’s road map to early retirement. Will it fit you? Probably not, but if you’re the entrepreneurial type, it’s not a bad read.

4. Quiz – How Annoying of a Co-Worker Are You?

[And Then We Saved] “After low pay, co-workers are No. 2 on the list of what makes work undesirable. Do you have any co-workers that do any of these ‘annoying’ behaviors …, or do you (gasp) do any of them? Acknowledgement is the first step to change.”

This post contains — count ’em — 101 ways you can be annoying at work, ranging from hygiene to email. There’s no way anyone could escape falling into at least a few bad behaviors. But check out the list and see how many you’re guilty of.

5. The One Tool That Assures You Never Pay Too Much for Groceries

[Wise Bread]Couponing, price matching, and clearance browsing are all valid ways to save big money on the food and supplies you need each week. Many books are written on these tactics, but there is one, less-exciting method that is often overlooked.”

What’s the method? A price book. It’s simply a written list of what you consider a good deal for the stuff you buy at the grocery store, so you can tell at a glance if what you’re looking at is a deal or a dud. Labor-intensive to build? Probably. Worth its weight in gold? Definitely. Check out the article for more.

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