Take 5 — A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

This week: June freebies, stopping food waste, most-popular Father's Day gifts, entrepreneurial advice and the biggest regrets homeowners face.

Take 5 — A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. “7 Sizzling Freebies You Can Grab in June”

[MSN.com] “From free doughnuts and smoothies to a complimentary quart of paint, following are seven freebies you can still grab this month.”

This MSN story is actually a Money Talks News story. We’re highlighting it in case you didn’t know that in addition to seeing our stuff on our site, you can also read and watch some of our most popular stories on some of the world’s most popular websites, including MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others.

So what are some of the freebies available in June? While one offer has already expired, you can still find license-free fishing in some states, free portraits for military families, a free taco at Taco Bell, a free smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe, free iced tea at McAlister’s Deli, and a free quart of house paint for residents of California, Nevada, Oklahoma or Texas at Kelly-Moore. See the post for details.

2. “Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of Date”

[The Dollar Stretcher] “How often have you had to toss out food because it got pushed to the back of the refrigerator and spoiled, became stale due to improper package closure, or became too ripe before you knew it? You can prevent wasting food by following a few simple steps concerning storage and preservation.”

We’ve covered this topic extensively, including with a TV news story, but there’s always more to learn. This article offers tips on organizing and storing your food to minimize waste, like keeping refrigerated stuff with the earliest expiration date near the front, properly using the various areas of your refrigerator and storing leftovers in clear containers so you can see what’s inside.

3. “Americans Are Setting Records to Help Dads Feel Special on Father’s Day”

[AOL] “Father’s Day is just around corner, and children, grandchildren, spouses and others are getting ready to spend. American consumers are expected to spend a total of $15.5 billion this Father’s Day, setting a record high, according to the National Retail Federation.”

This short article highlights the most popular gifts for Father’s Day. Can you guess the spending category that gets the most attention?

If you guessed “eating out,” you’re right. According to this article, Americans will spend $3.3 billion on treating dad to brunch or dinner. The second most popular present you can probably also guess: gift cards. See the post for more popular ideas, then see our article for some unique ideas you won’t find on this list.

4. “5 Boring Tasks All Entrepreneurs Must Master to be Successful”

[Debt.com] “You started a business because you had a passion for your idea and are still excited to get up every morning to go do it. The only problem is that, along the way, you discovered that not everything about operating a business was as exciting.”

I’ve been self-employed for decades, so whenever I see a headline like this, I’m compelled to click. This author says that entrepreneurial success requires more than a good idea, faithfully executed. It also requires you to be a good accountant, invoicer, bill payer, paper organizer and marketing manager.

Truer words were never spoken. See the article for more.

5. “8 Biggest Regrets of New Homeowners”

[Wise Bread] “When you buy your first home, it can turn out to be one of the happiest moments of your life, and set you and your family up for years of comfort. But there are also countless decisions to make during the buying process, and it’s easy to make one you’ll regret later.”

Having read many articles suggesting home ownership is a bad idea in general, I was prepared for yet another author telling me to be a perpetual renter. But this article doesn’t say you shouldn’t buy a home; just that you should do it carefully. The regrets they list include buying more home than you can afford, not putting enough down, getting the wrong mortgage, buying with a low credit score, buying a home that needed too much work and more. It’s a good list to go over before your first home-shopping adventure.

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