Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

Take 5: A Roundup of Reads From Around the Web

1. 5 Things You Need To Do Immediately After the Death of a Loved One

[Credit.com] “Having to make funeral plans, notify friends and family, and start the grieving process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, there are also several critical financial items that need your attention.

Having served as the executor of my father’s estate, I could relate to this one. Things that need doing that this article mentions include requesting death certificates, setting up probate, notifying financial institutions and government agencies, and contacting service providers. See the post for details.

2. Converting the Female Teen Diva

[The Dollar Stretcher] “As a parent, it is your job to bring your daughter back to true reality, which are your own household finances. While it may be easier to get her everything she wants, it will not do either one of you any good.”

This story couldn’t be any further from my mind. I don’t have kids, much less a teen diva. But should I ever grow one, I’ll follow the advice in this post — from having my diva create a list of priorities to handing her cash and letting her manage her own shopping and budget.

3. Stop Procrastinating: 4 Money Moves to Make Now

[The Penny Hoarder] “These four simple to-dos will make a big difference in your finances — and they won’t take too much time to complete!”

We did a story called “6 Ways to Use 30 Minutes Now to Save $1,000 Later” back in September that offered similar advice, but you can’t get too much of a good thing. This article suggests you do something to curtail banking fees, start saving for the holidays, evaluate your health insurance and request your EMV chip card. (Something else we recently talked about.)

4. 4 Entrepreneur Rules for Night Owls

[Debt.com] “There are plenty of night-owl entrepreneurs who are highly successful, even if their habits aren’t all that orthodox. If you’re naturally a night owl, it’s time to capitalize on your body’s natural rhythms and peaks of productivity.”

I am most definitely not a night owl … well, at least not the working kind. If you are, you’ll appreciate this advice, which ranges from embracing your body’s rhythms to creating a night-friendly work space to maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D. If you can’t sleep tonight, check this one out.

5. 8 Ways Clutter Keeps You Poor

[Wise Bread] “Bad investments have driven people to suicide. People end friendships and marriages over debt. But what’s so insidious about clutter is how relatively pain-free clutter is in comparison to other financial blunders.”

While it wouldn’t occur to me to put clutter in the same category with debt or dumb investing, this author has a point. Clutter is a sign of overconsumption, it can cause you to buy things you already have, it wastes your time looking for stuff, it costs you money when you lose stuff, and it’s costly to maintain, store and move.

That’s it: I’m selling everything. Well, except this computer and keyboard. And the monitor. And my coffee cup. Everything else, though.

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