Gambling table with a dealer shuffling cards and poker chips
4 of the Worst Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

on March 5, 2024

For some reason, a big pile of money can make people reckless.

Man worried about computer privacy
How to Stop TurboTax From Selling Your Tax Return Details

on March 4, 2024

Taxpayers who use such software may be giving up more privacy than they realize.

Person hiding cash under bed mattress including several $100 bills in cash
How Many Americans Are OK Cheating on Their Taxes?

on March 4, 2024

The percentage of Americans willing to admit this — to the IRS, no less — might surprise you.

Smiling businessman is happy with a handful of money to invest
7 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Become Richer

on March 4, 2024

They say it takes money to make money. Here’s how to leverage a tax refund into more cash.

Happy woman shopping
These Lawmakers Want to Give You $2,500 a Year for Shopping

on March 4, 2024

Imagine getting a tax credit for buying American-made goods. Some legislators want to make this fantasy real.

Happy senior couple homeowners doing taxes
How to Get Access to the IRS’ New Free Tax Software

on March 1, 2024

The IRS is letting people use its new Direct File service to file their 2023 taxes for free. But snagging a seat can be tricky.

self employed woman working on taxes
6 Things Every Gig Worker Needs to Know About Taxes

on March 1, 2024

Taxes are trickier for gig workers, freelancers and others the IRS considers self-employed.

checking tax return status online
3 Ways to Track Your Federal Tax Refund

on February 29, 2024

The IRS offers multiple options for checking on the status of your money, all of which are free.

older couple getting tax advice
8 Income Tax Breaks That Retirees Often Overlook

on February 29, 2024

Did you realize all these tax credits and deductions exist — or that they apply to retirees?

Property taxes
9 States With the Lowest Property Tax Rates

and on February 28, 2024

Homeowners in these U.S. states have the lowest property tax burdens in the country.

Woman with money
Here’s the Average Tax Refund in 2024 (So Far)

on February 28, 2024

The average refund is up compared with this time last year, but the total refund amount is down sharply.

Couple shocked by property tax bill
10 States With the Worst Property Tax Rates in America

on February 28, 2024

Uncover the states — some of them unexpected — with the highest property tax burdens.

Stressed or bored woman working on laptop and avoiding taxes or work
Tax Talk Made Simple: a Useful Guide to Tax Lingo and Strategies

on February 27, 2024

Demystify tax jargon and make the most of your returns.

woman showing man his taxes investment banking
12 Tax Deductions You Can Claim Without Itemizing

on February 26, 2024

You don’t have to itemize to claim these deductions on your tax return.

Suspicious man holding a briefcase full of money protectively, clutching his cash and angry or running with the money
5 Things Criminals Have to Pay Income Taxes On

on February 21, 2024

Whether or not the IRS sincerely expects to collect money on these things, it’s about as funny as taxes get.

Woman preparing taxes at home
Expert Tax Time Tips for Every Age Group

on February 21, 2024

Head into tax season well-prepared with these age-appropriate tips.

Stressed woman with a calculator paying bills or doing taxes
14 Surprising Things That Are Taxable

on February 21, 2024

How many of these forms of income did you know were subject to federal taxes?

The Worst Tax Cheats of 2023, According to the IRS

and on February 19, 2024

These fraudsters took millions if not billions of dollars from the IRS and other victims.

smiling woman with cash make it rain
5 Reasons to File a Tax Return Even If You Don’t Owe Taxes

on February 19, 2024

Yes, it’s possible to get a tax refund even if you don’t owe federal income taxes.

Smart clever brilliant thinking genius with a great idea
15 Key Financial Terms to Know to Plan a Successful Future

on February 19, 2024

Financial terminology shouldn’t feel like a foreign language.

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