US Cities With the Safest Drivers

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The safest drivers in America, for the fourth year in a row, hail from Fort Collins, Colo., according to the 10th annual Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report.

Drivers in the city of 150,000 north of Denver can expect to go 14.2 years between accidents, according to the insurance giant’s claims data. Contrast that with 200th-ranked Worcester, Mass., where drivers go just 4.3 years between claims.

On average nationwide, drivers can expect a collision about every 10 years, Allstate says.

Claims frequency in a city or ZIP code is one of many factors carriers consider to calculate your car insurance rates, along with state laws and your driving record, but it’s a big one. A car owner with a clean record shopping for full coverage on a 2012 Honda Accord in Fort Collins, for example, would pay about $936 a year. In Denver, the same driver would pay about $1,221, according to an average of rates from six carriers gathered by

Here are the safest-driving cities in America, according to Allstate, along with the number of years a driver can expect to go between collision claims.

  1. Fort Collins, Colo. — 14.2 years.
  2. Brownsville, Texas — 14.2.
  3. Boise, Idaho — 14.
  4. Kansas City, Kan. — 12.9.
  5. Huntsville, Ala. — 12.6.
  6. Montgomery, Ala. — 12.4.
  7. Visalia, Calif. — 12.4.
  8. Laredo, Texas — 12.2.
  9. Madison, Wis. — 12.2.
  10. Olathe, Kan. — 12.1.

See the entire 200-city list, along with average car insurance rates for each city, at

For the first time, Allstate also included rankings that adjusted according to population density and precipitation. Kansas City, Mo., ranks No. 1 if overall population is considered; factoring in rain and snow, Brownsville, Texas, rises to the top.

“A big part of our job at Allstate is to help our customers prevent bad things from happening,” says Mike Roche, executive vice president of claims. “Allstate is showing drivers that factors like population, a city’s density and precipitation may contribute to their driving safety.”

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