Watch This: 15 Ways to Use OxiClean

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OxiClean is widely known for its laundry stain-fighting abilities. It and other brands of nonchlorine laundry aids are staples in many a laundry room. But lifting stains from clothing is just one of OxiClean’s many abilities.

It can lift stains from carpet, upholstered furniture and sneakers too, says cleaning expert Melissa Maker, author of “Clean My Space: The Secret to Cleaning Better, Faster, and Loving Your Home Every Day.”

OxiClean can also make quick work of tough cleaning jobs, from restoring dingy tile grout to washing grease-caked kitchen exhaust fan filters.

Watch this video from Clean My Space, Maker’s YouTube channel, to learn 15 ways to use OxiClean all over your home:

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