Watch This: 7 Habits for a Cleaner Kitchen

Does it feel like your kitchen never stays clean for long? Or like you're always cleaning it? Here's how to make this chore more manageable.

Watch This: 7 Habits for a Cleaner Kitchen Photo by Africa Studio /

Are your kitchen counters — or that black hole under the sink — constantly cluttered? Are there crumbs hiding under all your appliances? Perhaps your fridge is stuffed with food that has expired or that you won’t otherwise get around to eating?

It can be challenging to keep a kitchen clean. In many homes, it’s the busiest room. But fine-tuning your kitchen cleaning habits can make the task of keeping the room clean easier, less stressful and less time-consuming.

Watch this video from Clean Your Space to learn seven habits that will help you keep your kitchen cleaner:

For more help keeping your home clean — or saving money while you’re at it — check out:

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