What a Speeding Ticket Does to Your Car Insurance Rates

Here's what it could cost you after being pulled over for speeding, tailgating or worse. It's not pretty, regardless, but where you live makes a difference.

What a Speeding Ticket Does to Your Car Insurance Rates Photo (cc) by ** RCB **

If your driving nickname is “Lead Foot” or “Mario Andretti,” you need to listen up (and slow down!), especially if you don’t want to end up paying an arm and a leg for car insurance.

According to new data from InsuranceQuotes.com, getting a speeding ticket of 15 miles per hour or less over the speed limit caused car insurance rates to spike by 21 percent on average. If you forget to turn on your blinker or you’re tailgating the car in front of you and you get pulled over for it, you can expect a 19 percent bump in your rate, the data show.

Running late for work is a pain. But it can become an expensive pain if you decide to drive in the carpool lane by yourself and a traffic cop sees you and tickets you. For that offense, your insurance rate will likely jump by 18 percent on average.

This probably won’t surprise you, but getting a ticket for a DUI or reckless driving sends insurance rates skyrocketing by an average of 94 percent or 85 percent, respectively.


“Insurers base their rates on experience, so the violations that cause premiums to jump the most are the ones that, over the years, insurers have found are strong indicators that the driver is likely to have an accident in the future,” said Mike Barry, spokesman for the nonprofit Insurance Information Institute. “Seen that way, this study makes a lot of sense.”

Rate increases for insurance vary depending on where you live. Click here to see how traffic tickets impact car insurance rates in all 50 states.

To find out how your part of the country ranks for this expense, check out: “The 10 Most and Least Costly States for Car Insurance.”

“No moving violation stays on your driving record forever,” writes Nick DiUlio on InsuranceQuotes.com. “Most first-time infractions will impact your premium for between three and five years, but precisely how long your finances are burdened depends on the severity of the violation and laws in your state.”

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How do your state’s rate increases stack up when compared with those in other states? Share your comments below or on our Facebook page.

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