10 Ways to Save at Bed, Bath & Beyond

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A house doesn’t really become a home until you have added the small touches that make it truly yours. Since 1971, Bed, Bath & Beyond has been helping homeowners do just that.

Stroll down the aisles of this mega retailer, and you’ll find linens, bath mats, curtains, picture frames, small kitchen appliances and countless items to add just the right zing to your living spaces.

Fortunately, there are many ways to save at BB&B. From a generous price-match policy to coupons that never die, here are 10 ways to save at one of America’s favorite home accessories stores.

1. Stack your coupons

Savvy shoppers are familiar with BB&B’s coupons: You know, the blue-and-white ones that come regularly in the mail and offer 20 percent off a single item? But many shoppers are not aware that the retailer allows customers to use multiple coupons in a single transaction when buying more than one item.

You can only use one coupon per item. But if you have enough coupons, you can save 20 percent off every single accessory you purchase at this home goods heaven. In many cases, you can also combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a BB&B coupon. Go to the BB&B Facebook page to find out more about the store’s coupon policy.

Tip: To score additional coupons, sign up for the retailer’s email list. By the way, BB&B isn’t the only store that allows this: Check out “6 Stores That Allow Coupon Stacking.”

2. Use a cash-back site

As their name implies, cash-back websites offer cash back for purchases at select retailers when you start the process at their portal. For instance, at this writing Ebates is offering 2 percent cash back on online purchases from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

While it may not sound like much, it adds up. Read more about how to use Ebates in “How to Get Cash Back on Everything You Buy.

3. Get discounted gift cards

Look for reputable websites that sell discounted gift cards, and you can increase your savings on any purchase.

For example, Raise was recently offering BB&B gift cards for a discount of as much as 4.3 percent, while Cardpool offered gift cards that could score you 6.4 percent off when shopping on the BB&B website.

Got gift cards of your own to sell? See “3 Ways to Convert Unwanted Gift Cards Into Cash or Equivalents.”

4. Download the Amazon app before you shop

Many retailers do not include Amazon in their price-matching policies. But you’ll be pleased to learn that this is one area where BB&B really steps up to the plate.

If you spot an item in the store that’s less expensive on Amazon.com — or at other leading retailers, for that matter — the Bed, Bath & Beyond cashier will match the price, as long as it isn’t sold by a third party. Again, I speak from experience here, folks.

And while we’re on the subject of Amazon, here’s “How to Get Amazon Prime and HBO Free.”

5. Hit the clearance section

There are some very good deals to be had in the BB&B clearance section — including closeouts. That’s especially true if you look early in the week, as it appears the store replenishes the markdowns during the weekend.

I have seen items on sale for up to half-off in this section. You just have to be willing to search the shelves (or the website) and possibly purchase a previous year’s model. But, heck, I say a waffle maker is a waffle maker.

6. Hang onto your receipts

Bed, Bath & Beyond will often perform a price adjustment if an item goes on sale — or if you score a coupon — after you purchase it.

Official store policy doesn’t appear to include a time frame for such adjustments, leaving it up to the individual stores. But in my experience, most are happy to refund the difference within a few weeks of your purchase.

In a worst-case scenario, you can return said item and buy it again at the discounted rate.

7. Keep your eyes peeled for gift cards

BB&B occasionally offers gift cards when customers buy certain items. In the past, the retailer has issued gift cards with the purchase of Keurig and Calphalon products, to name a couple.

And these gift cards never expire. So, you can redeem them the next time you come across another fabulous deal, allowing you to enjoy even greater savings.

8. Use expired coupons

Don’t toss your expired coupons into the recycle bin! You could be throwing tens (or even hundreds) of dollars down the drain. Although it’s not official store policy, Bed, Bath & Beyond typically lets shoppers use coupons well past their expiration dates.

I have yet to have a cashier tell me that I can’t apply an expired coupon toward my purchase, and I am what you might call a “BB&B regular.”

9. Use manufacturer coupons, too

Those signature blue-and-white coupons aren’t the only savings certificates that Bed, Bath & Beyond honors. As we mentioned earlier, many manufacturer coupons are valid at the retailer as well.

Just be sure to check the expiration dates of these coupons in advance: BB&B will not recognize out-of-date coupons from others.

10. Take advantage of free shipping

Bed, Bath & Beyond now offers “free shipping on orders over $29.” Certain exclusions apply, so be sure to check the store’s shipping policies for more details.

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