Man sleeping soundly
This Is How You Can Get Paid to Sleep

on April 10, 2024

It may sound like a dream, but you can earn money while you catch some shuteye.

How to Find Housesitting Jobs and Get Paid to Sleep in Someone Else’s House

on February 8, 2024

Find out how to get your start as a housesitter, how much to charge, where to find gigs, and more.

Happy senior man working on his laptop and phone at a remote job.
23 Great Part-Time Jobs for Retirees Who Aren’t Ready To Call It Quits

on December 18, 2023

These opportunities offer part-time work, flexible hours, and extra pay for retirees looking for a little extra.

Package thief
7 Ways To Outsmart Porch Pirates and Protect Your Holiday Packages

and on December 8, 2023

Make package theft a thing of the past with these tips for securing your delivered goods.

LGBT senior couple same sex gay
A Guide to Knowing Your ‘Full Retirement Age’ for Social Security

on September 18, 2023

Find out how old you need to be for Social Security benefits and what to consider before claiming them.

A poll worker sitting at a table
Make up to $300 a Day With Seasonal Election Jobs

on August 30, 2023

Elections need workers like you to run smoothly. Here’s how to find election jobs and how much they pay.

Online tutor
The 15 Best Online Tutoring Jobs of 2023

and on April 26, 2023

Love to teach? Here’s how to find great online side gigs in tutoring with flexibility and in a number of subjects.

Woman shopping on Amazon
14 Steps to Becoming a Top Amazon Reviewer

on January 12, 2023

Learn everything you need to know about becoming a part of the Amazon review system and getting products for free.

Couple renting an apartment
Here Are 9 Ways You Can Score a Great Apartment in a Hot Market

on February 3, 2022

The competition may be fierce right now, but these tips could give you an edge.

Doctor talking to an older patient in her office
4 Ways to Get Health Coverage If You Retire Before 65

on November 30, 2021

You have a bunch of options, even if you aren’t working.

Senior worker
How to Collect Social Security While Working and Not Get in Trouble

on July 28, 2021

Here’s a clear explanation of how much you can earn while receiving your benefits.

6 Signs Your Financial Adviser Could Be Ripping You Off
6 Signs Your Financial Adviser Could Be Ripping You Off

on June 28, 2021

These red flags could mean your financial advisor is taking you for a ride.

A financial adviser coaches a woman on investing
5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Adviser

on May 20, 2021

Here’s how to make sure you get someone you can truly rely on.

Social Security advisor
How to Maximize Social Security Benefits for a Married Couple

on May 20, 2021

Figuring out when to take each spouse’s benefit can be complicated, but considering these factors will help you decide.

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