hanging art on wall
34 Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home in the New Year

on January 14, 2023

Here’s how to upgrade your home this year with just a little time or money.

Online shopping regrets
Never Buy These 10 Things on Amazon

on July 29, 2022

Just because you can purchase something on Amazon doesn’t mean that you should.

Woman shopping for groceries
20 Things That Are Actually Worth Stockpiling

on May 23, 2022

You don’t need a year’s supply of toilet paper to survive an outbreak, but consider stocking up on these items.

Couple preparing a meal in the kitchen
This Habit Saves Me Money and Stress All Week Long

on February 15, 2022

Here’s how you, too, can cut costs and simplify your busy life.

Woman holding an Amazon package
Here Are 5 Ways to Get Amazon Prime for Free

on February 4, 2022

Hesitant to drop $139 a year on an Amazon Prime membership? Here’s how to get it for free.

Man with a gallon of milk
10 Surprising Foods You Can Freeze — and How I Do It

on September 8, 2021

How many of these foods have you thought to put in the freezer?

Woman cutting vegetables
9 Ways I Extend the Shelf Life of My Food Stockpile

on September 4, 2021

How you store food is critical to preserving its freshness.

Patient talking to a doctor
7 Ways Anyone Can Cut Their Health Care Costs

on February 10, 2021

Here’s how to lower your medical expenses without skimping on care.

Girl washing her hands at school
Are You Making These 7 Hand-Washing Mistakes?

on November 9, 2020

If you’re committing any of these mistakes, your hands may not be as germ-free as you think.

Men preparing meals in their kitchen
How to Prep Meals for a 14-Day Quarantine

on November 3, 2020

With a little advance preparation, you can make two weeks worth of delicious and nutritious meals.

A woman in a surgical mask shops at a grocery store with empty shelves
Manufacturers Are Making More of These 10 Products to Restock Stores

on April 3, 2020

You can expect to see these staples back on supermarket shelves soon.

14 Surprising Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home
14 Surprising Things You Can Do While Stuck at Home

on March 26, 2020

Not only can you do these activities while the coronavirus has you holed up, but all of them are free.

A woman working in an animal shelter taking care of animals
18 Jobs That Are Least Threatened by Artificial Intelligence

on January 21, 2020

A new report says these jobs are less threatened than many by artificial intelligence.

12 Ways to Get the Best Price on Any Gift
12 Ways to Get the Best Price on Any Gift

on November 15, 2019

Using the right tips and tools can help you save money on any gift.

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