Man with paints
The 15 Best-Paying Cities for Painters

on March 9, 2022

Painters in these locations enjoy the highest median wages in the country.

Unhappy driver gives a thumbs down
How the IRS Is Watching Your Side Gig This Year

on March 8, 2022

Here’s why your income tax bill might be higher than you expect next year.

Workers of all ages
15 Cities With the Largest Increase in New Business Applications Since COVID-19

on March 7, 2022

The pandemic shut down a lot of businesses — but there’s also been a strong surge of new ones, especially in these places.

Woman with a stack of books
Where to Sell Your Stuff for Top Dollar

on March 4, 2022

Here’s where to get the best price for all your clutter.

Senior worker
9 Tips for Finding a Job After Age 50

on March 3, 2022

If you are older than 50 or already retired, these tips can help you find the perfect job to keep bringing in cash.

9 Ways to Screw Up a Job Search When You’re 50 or Older
9 Ways to Screw Up a Job Search When You’re 50 or Older

on February 28, 2022

Finding a job in your 50s or 60s can be hard. Raise the odds of success by avoiding these mistakes.

Artist in her studio
8 Places Offering Guaranteed Income to Residents

and on February 24, 2022

In these places, eligible people get monthly payments — often with no strings attached.

Women tech jobs technology working collaboratively
15 Best Places for Tech Jobs

on February 24, 2022

These midsized metros have high salaries, great life quality, and a relatively large number of jobs in technology.

Older black worker driving a forklift
Are 401(k) Improvements Reason Enough to Work Longer?

on February 24, 2022

As employers struggle to fill jobs, the landscape for retirement saving and other benefits may be changing for the better.

Man with a typewriter
21 Thrift Store Gems You Can Cash In On

on February 21, 2022

Here’s what to look for at that overstuffed thrift store — and how you can make money from it.

Retiree outside his house in sunny weather
18 Great Part-Time Jobs for Retirees Who Aren’t Ready to Call It Quits

on February 18, 2022

Keep busy and earn money on your own terms with these part-time jobs that are perfect for retirees.

Older female worker
10 Surprising Facts and Fictions About Success Later in Life

on February 18, 2022

Can you separate the myths about older entrepreneurs from the truth? Here’s a test.

Most Retirees Don’t Want to Go Back to Work, Labor Shortage or Not
Most Retirees Don’t Want to Go Back to Work, Labor Shortage or Not

on February 17, 2022

Our readers discussed why they are for or not for working in retirement during the pandemic.

Businessman studying technology jobs
The 10 Best Jobs in America for 2022

on February 17, 2022

If you’re looking to switch careers this year, these occupations score high on job satisfaction and earnings.

4 Types of Older Workers That Have Quit Amid the Pandemic
4 Types of Older Workers That Have Quit Amid the Pandemic

on February 16, 2022

The Great Resignation rolls on, especially for these groups.

Senior couple at home
59% of Retirees Will Do This to Boost Their Income

on February 16, 2022

Here are the top three ways people plan to add to their stash of cash during their golden years.

wind turbine technicians
15 Cities With the Most Outdoor Jobs in 2022

on February 16, 2022

Labor statistics show these areas have the most jobs that involve working outside, as well as which outdoor jobs are most common.

Man Panicking
15 Cities With the Most Workers at Risk of Automation

on February 15, 2022

The most recent data and analysis suggests these areas have the most jobs at risk because of improving technology.

Happy retiree holding his savings
2 States That Soon Might Eliminate Retirement Income Taxes

on February 11, 2022

The changes would leave more money in the pockets of retirees.

9 of the Best Remote Jobs for Retirees
9 of the Best Remote Jobs for Retirees

on February 11, 2022

Seniors, with their decades of experience and seasoning, can demonstrate a lot of value to employers.

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