Happy female shopper
17 States With Sales Tax Breaks This Summer

on June 30, 2021

If your state is on this list, you could soon save on items ranging from clothing to computers.

Woman with insulin
New Walmart Brand of Insulin Could Slash Your Costs

on June 29, 2021

The retailer says customers can save between 58% and 75%.

Woman college graduate
10 Colleges Where Tuition Is Free

on June 29, 2021

College costs can cripple many budgets, but these institutions enable most if not all of their students to graduate debt-free.

A worker in a retail store handing a shopping bag to a customer
9 Retailers That Will Reward You for Recycling

on June 29, 2021

These stores will give you discounts or freebies for recycling your old stuff or empty containers.

Mother and daughter playing on a tablet in a tent
Want a Home Insurance Discount? Join Any of These 5 Groups

on June 29, 2021

You may be eligible for a break on homeowners insurance if you belong to a wholesale club, nonprofit or other organization.

Woman with wind chimes
11 Ways to Upgrade Your Yard for $100 or Less

on June 26, 2021

These inexpensive projects and purchases can turn any outdoor space into an oasis.

Woman at the beach on vacation with her phone
Vacation Time? Tips for Traveling With Your Phone

on June 25, 2021

Will you get good coverage where you’re going, and will it cost extra? Here’s what you need to know.

Woman with notebook
21 Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

on June 25, 2021

Dollar stores have great bargains on both everyday and occasional purchases.

21 Tricks to Make Groceries Last Longer
21 Tricks to Make Groceries Last Longer

on June 25, 2021

These simple tips extend the life of perishable food, saving money.

Grateful woman with her hand on her heart
Need Something? Buy Nothing

on June 24, 2021

This is how I’ve gotten everything from a barely-used waffle iron to homegrown horseradish for free while connecting with my community.

10 Attempts at Frugality That Could End Up Costing You Money
10 Attempts at Frugality That Could End Up Costing You Money

on June 24, 2021

You think you’re being smart, but these 10 things could have your money going up in smoke.

Senior woman holding money
This Lifestyle Choice Can Cut Medical Costs by $1,900 a Year

on June 23, 2021

The key to lower health care costs in retirement is a habit that starts well before then.

Costco Shop Card
7 Ways to Shop at Costco Without a Membership

on June 23, 2021

You don’t necessarily need to join to get in on the warehouse store’s savings.

car salesman
10 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

on June 23, 2021

Smart shoppers rarely (if ever) pay retail for most of the things they need or want. These items should never be bought without a discount.

Woman shopping on Amazon
Prime Day Continues: The Top Deals on Tuesday

on June 22, 2021

Amazon’s sale is hardly over. Check out these hand-picked deals.

Excited couple shopping online
12 Retailers With Competing Prime Day Sales

on June 22, 2021

Some of Amazon’s biggest competitors have rolled out their own sales during the Prime Day event.

Buying at the bakery
13 Unusual but Effective Ways to Save on Groceries

on June 22, 2021

Here’s how to buy groceries at warehouse-club prices — or less — without paying the membership fee.

Couple worried about money
What to Do If You’re More Frugal Than Your Spouse

on June 21, 2021

Here’s how to get on the same page with a bigger spender.

Camping couple
2 States Debut New Sales Tax Breaks This Summer

on June 18, 2021

Two states are adding incentives for shoppers returning to stores as the pandemic loosens its grip.

Man pruning bushes
5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Before You Sell

on June 17, 2021

Curb appeal can have a big impact on how much a buyer is willing to pay for a house.

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