Older man putting money in piggy bank
10 Smart Habits of Frugal People

on March 29, 2024

Frugal people know how to get their needs met without overspending. Their money-saving habits are easy to implement and can greatly boost your budget.

Happy woman hugging lots of dollar bills in a huge pile of money
Could You Give up These 7 Expenses to Save Thousands of Dollars a Year?

on March 29, 2024

You could save tens of thousands of dollars by setting aside these costs for just one year.

Coins under a bubble, symbolic of protected cash savings
3 of the Best Places to Keep Cash Besides the Bank

on March 29, 2024

Worried that your bank will be the next to fail? Here are some alternative places to keep your cash.

Friends cooking at home
The 10 Best Things to Buy in April — and 7 to Avoid

on March 28, 2024

Spring brings a flood of new savings, but not every deal is a good one.

4 Tips to Avoid Falling for Government Impersonation Scams

on March 28, 2024

You have to be diligent in protecting yourself from convincing scammers.

Woman shopping for bargains
Why the End of the Quarter Is Great for Bargains

on March 27, 2024

Find out how as a consumer you can use this to your advantage.

Woman using a laptop in bed
How to Get Affordable Home Wi-Fi

on March 27, 2024

Here’s what to know when shopping for fast and affordable Wi-Fi.

Man charging an electric vehicle
Fees and Perks Electric Vehicle Owners Need to Know About

on March 25, 2024

Do registration fees and tax incentives for EVs and hybrids balance out?

Unimpressed or disapproving woman giving two thumbs down
8 Frugal Habits That Just Aren’t Worth It

on March 25, 2024

Sure, you can save money doing these things. But at what cost in time and happiness?

Rich person working on a yacht
8 Tax Tricks and Tactics Used by the Rich

on March 25, 2024

Learn the tips and tricks that might help you save on your taxes just like the wealthy.

Costco warehouse club
7 Products That Are More Expensive at Costco

on March 25, 2024

Not everything is a bargain even when you buy in bulk.

Max app on a TV screen
You Can Save Over 40% on Max Right Now

on March 23, 2024

Both ad-free and ad versions of HBO’s streaming service are available at prices we seldom see.

Money Talks News the Podcast
Gain Without Pain: the Top 5 Painless Ways to Save Money

on March 23, 2024

If you really want to sock away the savings, here are five things you can do for gain without pain.

Chest of drawers
30 Cheap Organization Ideas to Straighten up Your Home

on March 23, 2024

Wrangle the mess in your home — and stick to a tight budget — with these simple tips.

Amazon shipping boxes
The Best Deals in Amazon’s Big Spring Sale Today

on March 22, 2024

These hand-picked highlights are available to everyone — not just Prime members.

Couple painting a room in their home
How to Save Money on Paint for Your Home

on March 22, 2024

Discover these affordable tips for finding quality paint for your home.

Senior couple sharing a laptop and happily listening to music with headphones on the couch
11 Places to Find Cheap Audiobooks

and on March 21, 2024

Learn the pros and cons of top audiobook services to help you pick the right one for you.

Excited Gamer Girl in Headphones is Winning in Online Video Game on Her Computer and Puts Hands Up
Is Gigabit Internet Worth Paying Extra For?

on March 20, 2024

Here are the pros and cons of super-fast gigabit internet to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Man filing his taxes
10 Essential Checklist Items for Your 2023 Tax Return

on March 19, 2024

Check these key considerations before you file your 2023 tax return.

Woman looking at her phone while shopping in the grocery store
Are Store Brands Any Good or Just Cheaper?

on March 18, 2024

What you don’t know may be costing you more money at checkout.

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