2 New Ways to Slash Your Cellphone Bill

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Want to knock $100 off your cellphone bill? It might be time for another look at discount wireless carriers.

The average monthly cellphone bill is $157, according to J.D. Power. And the average price paid for a phone is $364.

But you can have unlimited data, calling and texting on one of the big national phone networks for less than $40 per month — with no gotchas, and possibly even with your current phone. Don’t need unlimited everything? Then enjoy even bigger savings!

Check out these two services and see if either is right for you:

1. Tello

Tello is a discount wireless carrier operating on the Sprint network. That means you’ll enjoy the same 4G LTE coverage as you would on Sprint, but without their rules, contracts and rates.

Tello offers monthly rates ranging from $5 to $39, depending on how many minutes and how much data you want. You can customize the plan to suit your needs, with $39 getting you unlimited data, texting and calling.

It also allows you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot at no extra charge, and even make international calls to Canada, Mexico and China.

There are no gotcha contracts or hidden fees. You can transfer your existing phone number over, and continue using your own phone if it’s Sprint-compatible. If not, Tello sells phones for prices ranging from $25 to $429.

2. Twigby

Twigby also offers plans custom-tailored to your needs with no hidden fees or contracts. Monthly rates range from $9 to $43 depending on how much call time and data you need, and they currently offer a 25% discount for the first six months.

Twigby uses both the Sprint and Verizon networks, defaulting to Sprint and switching to Verizon when you’re outside of Sprint’s coverage area. Its service includes unlimited texting, plus international calls to Canada, Mexico, China and more than a dozen other countries.

You can transfer your existing number and can bring over your phone if it’s compatible. If not, Twigby sells phones for anywhere from $33 to $667 for some of the newer devices.

Twigby also lets you set custom limits for your usage, and get text notifications when you are at 50% or 100% usage. If you don’t set limits and accidentally go over what your plan covers, you’re only charged for the difference to the next highest plan, and for that month only — no weird surcharges or fees.

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